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Shake A Leg

Friday, May 27, 2016

The world (and the Internet, it seems) has had an insatiable appetite for dance over the past year. Pooja Salvi tells you about some of the strange dance crazes that are making their way to Mumbai

There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in dance. We love grooving to foot-tapping tunes as we move with (or without) a partner! It’s a great form of exercise and a fantastic stress buster, but there’s more to the latest dance crazes than their health benefits. Over the last couple of years, people have been going gaga over the strangest forms of dance, from the whip and nae nae to the twerk (if you don’t know what these are, you’ve been living under a rock!). People have also been going crazy over dance moves inspired by songs and music videos. We wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t aware of artists like Silentó and iLoveMemphis, but we’re sure you’ve heard their songs, which have been topping charts worldwide. And, even if you don’t know the artists’ names, the songs are such a staple that if you heard them, you’d instantly know what we’re talking about! 


People have been fascinated by hip-hop and dance culture throughout history. Baggy jeans, bling, bulky sneakers, the accent and the occasional (or not) cuss word all seem fascinating. In general, hip-hop music is composed of peppy beats that make you want to move along with the rhythm. The secret to these is combining a signature dance move with a catchy, repetitive lyrical hook. But enough with the technicalities, take a look at what you should get started with!


We take a look at the biggest dance moves of the last year and tell you how they became popular.

The Whip/Nae Nae — Silentó
This is the most popular track on the list. The whip and nae nae are two completely different dance moves that no one thought of merging until (then unheard of musician) Silentó came up with his single Watch M e (Whip/Nae Nae). Now, you can’t go even a day without listening to this popular song, hear someone using the soundtrack on a social media platform or read someone saying ‘watch me nae nae,’ which has become a pretty popular phrase!

Hit Dem Folks
Even if you don’t care much about American football, we bet you have seen this dance move trending on the internet. It is a good mix of different dance steps that all lead to an energetic routine and entertaining movements.

Hit The Quan — iLoveMemphis
The Quan was originally created by Rich Honie Quan. But, this step was only popularised after iLoveMemphis released his hit single Hit The Quan.


We asked people around the city if they would join along the dance craze. Here’s what they think.

Definitely give in!
“These dance moves have been trending for over a year now! You just cannot escape them. But, if I was in the club and these songs came up, I would definitely give in and dance — it is so peppy and has such great energy! Especially the Whip/Nae Nae!”
— Avani Sawant, 20-year-old biology student

Probably not
“I am not much of a dancer and if I have to get down on the dance floor, I just sway. These dance moves look good, but I wouldn’t ever give in and join the crowd. The reason can quite possibly be that I don’t like dancing as much as the next person, but even the moves themselves don’t excite me that much. The hip-hop tunes are a great listen though.”
— Sairaj Karande, Mumbai-based civil engineer

What’s in the news?

In February this year, UCLA women’s gymnastics team did an incredible show of these dance moves. Senior Sophina DeJesus featured the Whip, the Nae Nae and finished with a Dab. It is a must-watch routine and you can see how much fun the mix and match moves can be!

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