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Second Time’s The Charm

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tried & Tested: Food Review

Known for serving organic American cuisine (at its BKC outlet), The American Joint opens its doors to the public in Borivali. Khevna Pandit visits to see if it makes a mark

Organic and American don’t have the ring that it takes for a restaurant to kick off, we agree. After all, we visited the one at BKC and found that it didn’t really work for us. But, even though we were disappointed the last time we visited, we couldn’t wait to drop by at the new outlet in Borivali, which claimed to be bigger — and definitely better! Located off New Link Road, we didn’t have trouble finding the place, and were surprised at just how spacious it was. We liked the new and improved décor, which included everything from a bicycle (yes!) to its vibrant and colourful menu on the wall.

We moved upstairs to find that it was divided in two sections — one that consisted of high tables and chairs, and another that led to a quirky, decorated space. Naturally, we were inclined to take the section that led us to a cosy booth that overlooked the quiet street outside. Romantic orange, low-ceilinged lamps and an intricate painting of the American high rises caught our fancy almost immediately. You could even ruffle through a comic book or two while you wait for your food to arrive on your table, but we were tempted to indulge in small talk instead.

In the mood for food

A quick glance at the menu and you’ll spot familiar names (like the Empire state pizza) attached to your favourite delicacies. To start our fare, we were served a Watermelon Lime Spritzer (Rs 149) and a Ferrero Nutella Shake (Rs 199). Decently priced, the tall drinks were perfect and not too sweet at all — something we absolutely loved! For appetisers, we were served the Garlic Bomb (Rs 199), a portion of soft, cheesy garlic bread stuffed with spicy herbs, and the Mountain of Nachos (Rs 299), a house special smothered with queso cheese sauce, olives, spring onions, tomatoes, charro beans and jalapeño, served in a pile. With a striking resemblance to the classic pav bhaaji, the Garlic Bomb was a soft, cheesy treat, but we weren’t quite sure how ‘American’ it was. The Mountain of Nachos (which wasn’t quite a mountain, much to our disappointment) was a plateful of delicious, crunchy nachos with sauce. We expected it to look overwhelming (as the name suggested), but the humble dish was quite filling and turned out to be our favourite of the evening.

Moving on to mains

We couldn’t have moved on to mains without trying their House Organic Burger (Rs 249). With a drab, unappealing name, not many are bound to pick this sumptuous organic delight made of vegetables, herbs and spices, served with a portion of tangy Harissa aioli sauce and fries. Perfect for two, the burger had perfectly soft buns and the patty wasn’t overflowing with raw vegetables like we expected it to. Impressed, we moved on to the Empire State Pizza (Rs 329), which was an authentic Manhattan-styled pizza with robust marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, black olives, capsicum and diced onions. While we admit we were looking forward to this after we read the name, it was quite a let-down. The black olives overpowered the taste of the pizza, and even though we loved the in-house bread, the crust was too crunchy — not soft enough for us to enjoy it after all.

A lavish spread

Already feeling satiated (and rather hesitant) to consider dessert, we decided to end our fare, only to be urged to try not one, but three delicious sweet treats! We began with the Ferrero Nutella Mousse (Rs 199), which was a signature chocolate mousse made with delicious Ferrero Rocher. Smooth and dreamy, a spoonful is enough to feel content. Next we tried the Oreo Cookie Cream Pie (Rs 199), a fluffy and crumbly cold pie made of a mysterious chocolate biscuit base and Oreo cream. We couldn’t help but wonder what the biscuit base was made of, because it seemed very familiar and nostalgic, but since it was an in-house secret, we were left licking our spoons and wondering about it with every bite. We also tried the Nutella Waffles (Rs 249), rich and indulgent, but definitely not the most appetising of the three. Try these waffles piping hot along with a swirl of ice cream for the perfect comfort food to end your meal.

A memorable trip

We couldn’t help but feel impressed with how the haunt has improved, from being a random, green-themed, boring restaurant to a youth-friendly joint that you can head over to with a couple of friends. The additions to their menu also make it an economical fine-dining option and we even suggest walking in during the rains to curl up with donuts and coffee. All in all, The American Joint is a place that you should check out. However, we wouldn’t advise stopping by on a weekend, unless you’re okay with service that the restaurant is yet to perfect. But apart from that, we’re definitely game for a detour!

Where: The ACHL Homes, Chikuwadi, New Link Road, Borivali (w)

Meal for two: Rs 850 Alcohol served No

Contact: 8080522522


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