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Rock That Swimsuit

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Planning to buy a swimsuit for your next beach holiday? The Mumbai Mix Team brings you a guide to help you figure out what will suit you best

If you’re the sort of person who isn’t bothered by the heat (and maybe even love the sun), you’re probably looking forward to getting a gorgeous tan! This may be the best time to hit the beach, but you’re first going to have to get the perfect swimsuit. To make sure that you’re summer ready, we’ve brought you a quiz that will help you understand what suits you best. We’ve also picked a few great beachwear options, and tell you everything that you need to know about buying swimwear.

So, you think you can rock a swimsuit?
Selecting a swimsuit that will complement your body perfectly sounds too good to be true, but trust us when we say that it’s certainly not impossible! Take this quiz to find out what type of swimsuit you should pick before you go shopping.

1.  How would you describe your body type?
a) Slender.  b) Curvy.

2.  Are you comfortable with your body?
a) No, I am  a little insecure when I’m wearing certain types of clothes, including swimsuits.
b) Totally! I can rock any outfit.

3.  Do you keep up with the latest fashion trends?
a) Always! I feel like I have to.
b) Sometimes, but it’s not that important to me.

4.  What would you say your best features are?
a) Legs and arms. b) Bust and thighs.

5.  What type of water baby are you?
a) I love water sports and am a regular swimmer!
b) I am okay with taking a dip, but I prefer lounging around by the pool.

Mostly As You love moving with the tide. A swimsuit that is edgy and stylish, but is also suited to activities such as water sports would be the best pick for you. Make sure that the material you pick doesn’t chafe your body and is comfortable for you to be in when you’re out in the sun and sand all day. A comfortable bikini that is padded at the chest would be ideal for you.

Mostly Bs We understand that  you’re a bit body conscious, but the good news is that there are still several options for you to pick from! Look for a one-piece swimsuit that supports your assets and also highlights your best features; this will also help if you have flab on your tummy. A feminine, vintage one-piece with retro embellishments will help you look pool-ready in a jiffy!

Be practical

Stylist Shweta Malpani suggests making practical decisions when you’re choosing swimwear. “Your swimwear should fit snugly. Anything loose could lead to a wardrobe malfunction. On the other hand, a swimsuit that is too tight will be uncomfortable and unflattering,” she explains. She thinks that picking the right colour is more important than buying into a trendy style. “A fun two-piece in fuschia or aqua would be eye-catching,” she suggests. Designer Pria Kataaria Puri also suggests going all-out for the summer. “Sequins and embellishments on bright bikinis in tangerine, emerald green and fuchsia are a big trend and work well for luxury vacations. Complement your swimwear with a breezy cover-up or a stylish kaftan,” she tells us.

Identify your body type
This is a no-brainer. According to fashion designer Jyoti Sachdev Iyer, you can only be comfortable in a swimsuit if you are comfortable with your body. “First things first; identify your body type. Swimsuits come in all cuts, so no matter what shape you are, there’s a perfect suit for you — from tankinis and high-waist bikinis, to body suits and monokinis. High-waist bikinis are always the saving grace for people who have a little flab on their stomach. They help to push your stomach and keep you looking curvy,” she says. Designer Ritam Sengar, from the label, Roora, also has some suggestions to help you pick a suit based on your body type. “If your problem area is a large bust, pick bikini tops that have moulded cups or underwire support. If you don’t have great abs, you can invest in a high-waisted, retro bikini bottom — they are in style now and look chic and cute. If you have been working out, pick a cut-out monokini style as it will enhance your toned figure,” she adds.

Picking a swimsuit is easy — if you have a flawless figure. But, most of us certainly have our ‘problem areas’, so we’ve shortlisted a few swimsuits based on different body types:

If you’ve got a slightly heavy bottom, pick swimsuits with printed tops and bolder colours at the bottom. Avoid skimpy cuts, and if you’re very conscious, opt for a bikini bottom with fuller coverage or a skirtkini.

Fuller coverage
These orange bottoms from Amante, available for Rs 695, will help your tummy appear more toned while providing coverage for your bottom. If you’re planning to try watersports such as scuba diving or sky diving, we suggest you wear this for comfort and coverage.

Modest Magic
If you want to sport something more conservative, pick this bikini bottom with an attached skirt, available at Amante for Rs 995. It will hide the flabby portions of your body so you can enjoy a game of frisbee without constantly having to fix your bottoms.

Girls with flat bottoms have a wide range to choose from. Pick quirky prints, ruffles, colourful patterns, neon shades and loud cuts.

Bold and Beautiful
We love this orange and yellow bikini from Available for Rs 1,599, it’s the strategic cuts that make you want to put it on now and drive straight to Goa.

Trip to tropics
Nothing says tropical like some florals, right? Wear this dainty black bikini with loud (but still delicate) floral prints from Ziwame for Rs 2,995, for a morning by the water.

If you have a small bust and you’re worried that wearing a bikini will only emphasise that, don’t worry! Simply throw on a bikini or a swimsuit that has interesting prints, embellishments or cuts around the neckline.

Feeling Blue
This teal blue swimsuit from American Swan, available for Rs 2,999, has intricate detailing around the neck, which is perfect if you’re looking for something simple and elegant.

Sultry siren
We can’t get enough of this sultry pick from Marks and Spencer — the noir-inspired beauty is available for Rs 3,499.

Pretty in pink
You can also rock bolder hues with this swimsuit from, available at Rs 1,599. The skimpy suit with a gorgeous neckline is great for surfing.

Indian women are often blessed with heavy busts, which could be an issue when you’re picking a swimsuit. It’s best to pick bigger cup sizes and bikinis with underwires to provide you with more support.

Black beauty
Bikini tops that provide fuller coverage are the best picks, so try this tribal print monochrome bikini top from Marks and Spencer for Rs 1,999.

Mastering the mailot
This floral maillot from Zivame for Rs 3,495, will flatter your body while you get into some yoga at the beach.

Play with prints
Who said busty girls couldn’t rock prints? Try this bold, printed bikini top from Marks and Spencer for Rs 1,999 to turn some heads while you’re immersed in your beach read.

This blue monokini, available at American Swan for Rs 3,299, looks like a sports bra, so you should don it during your water-sport sessions!

Body type matters

Understand and consider your body type when you’re choosing swimwear. Choose something that fits right — it should not be too lose or too tight. You should be able to move without constantly worrying about adjusting your swimsuit. You don’t want to ruin your perfect summer at the beach with a wardrobe malfunction, do you?

Think about the tan!
Don’t buy a swimsuit with too many straps that will make you regret your time at the beach (think of the tan lines!). Instead, pick something with fewer straps if you’re planning a day out in the sun.

Flaunt it right
Make sure you know what you want to flaunt and the areas that you want to hide and buy your suit accordingly. Block patterns are good when you want to draw attention to a single feature, while solids are a neutral option.

Water check
Ensure that your swimsuit is appropriate for the activities you intend to use it for. Some varieties are fine for a lazy day by the pool, but if your day involves a sports activity, check that it will hold through the sport before diving in.

First purchase
Don’t buy your first piece online. Buying swimwear online is good for stocking up on extras (when you get crazy deals such as 3 bikini bottoms for Rs 500!)— after you know your size and brands well enough. Make sure that your first swimsuit fits perfectly.

Ask for help
Discuss your doubts with an expert or the sales person before deciding what you should pick up. Talk about what you want to flaunt, what will suit you best and whether the fabric is eco-friendly. They’re called experts for a reason.

Trends don’t translate to comfort
Just because a style was recently mentioned in Vogue, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you! So, instead of buying a bikini that would look good on Gigi Hadid, take your body type into consideration and buy one that will look and feel good on you.

Don’t mix lingerie and swimwear
Remember that lingerie is not a replacement — don’t dive into a pool in your bra! Pick the right material when you’re buying swimwear. Also, be very careful when you’re purchasing swimwear in white. You really don’t want a see-through experience at sea!

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