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Red Hot!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A hot colour to celebrate a hot season with — forget about Valentine’s Day, red is dominating the colour charts for spring! Pooja Salvi & Rhea Dhanbhoora show you how to style it right

With the Oscars in the kitty, it’s more or less the end  of award season, but one thing did stand out as    a surprising spring trend this year — red hot apparel! Pantone, the brand that we follow every year to figure out what colours are on the charts, lists a colour called Fiesta on their top ten list for spring 2016. The fiery red hue (more yellow-based, so discard any dark maroons and pinkish shades) is one of only a few bright, bold colours on the list, which is why it stands out even more on the more muted spring 2016 palette. However, it’s easy to go overboard with the colour, and this can ruin your entire look. So, we asked designers to tell us what they think of the colour and how they would suggest wearing it. Read on to get it right!

Colour block right
Designer Ritam Sengar from the label Roora tells us to proceed with caution when we’re styling the colour. She explains, “Red is an overpowering colour so it needs to be worn with caution! If you’re confident and bold, you can wear a flowy (or structured, if that’s more your style) red dress. The trick is to accessorise it with simple statement jewellery and shoes, probably in subtle shades such as nude or black.” On how to style the colour for a girly night out, she says that colour blocking is your best option! “You can wear a lot of red by following the colour blocking trend — you could colour block red with hot pink and keep your accessories simple. For a more sophisticated look, try pairing red with cream or soft blush.”

Accessorising is key
Vrushali Satre, who owns the Vrushhali Satre Label, says that the colour red can be paired with almost anything! “If you’re wearing a little black dress, you could always pair it with red stilettos or pumps. If you’re wearing a scarlet blazer for the evening, match it with a pair of blue jeans and a white blouse.” The colour looks ultra chic when you add it to your outfit in the form of piping, borders or even trimmings.

Ever since bralettes have been in fashion, we haven’t been able to get enough of them! And Vrushali suggests pairing a sheer shirt with a bold red bralette!

Neutrals are the way to go
For Aanchal and Sanjana Bubber of Bubber Couture, there is nothing as bold and sexy as a woman wearing a well-fitted red dress — there’s something about the colour  that adds a sexy vibe to an entire look. Even an LBD can’t beat the oomph that a red dress exudes. “Try pairing the colour with neutral colours such as black, charcoal grey, khaki, tan or navy blue to break the vibrancy of the red.”

The red and black combination is a classic, personal favourite for many. It’s a stylish and safe option — you can’t go wrong with it! “Wearing the colour in combination with black is a personal favourite, but is a more generic way of styling. Try a red T-shirt, navy pants and a charcoal grey shrug. The two neutrals take the attention away from the brightness, while the red adds a nice pop of colour to the look,” they tell us.

They also suggest breaking the colour down by pairing it with accessories or other interesting coordinates. “For example, a sheer black cape can be paired with a bright  red tank top and black slim, fitted pants,” they add.

Pairing the colour right is important
For designer Ridhi Arora, the colour is loud and, if you’re not careful, gaudy. “People don’t usually pick red because it looks really loud. However, if you style it well, it’s the prettiest colour to go for as it is. Wear it with denim or whites,” she says.

Add some gold
Designer Jayati Goenka thinks that bright red is one of the most eye-catching colours a fashion lover can wear, but its boldness requires you to wear the right separates to pull off a winning look. “When a head-to-toe red theme isn’t in your game plan, let your red piece take centre stage by sticking with neutral, classic pairings and complimentary prints. The most timeless, obvious choice to team with red is solid neutrals. Clear, bright red pairs beautifully with white, ivory, grey, black and tan; navy and blue denim make for equally classic pairings. Accessorising red with gold works very well and it looks rich and classic!” she tells us.

Don’t try to draw too much attention
The colour red can be a bold fashion statement, but if it’s worn well, it can create a look that seems both classic as well as seductive. Designer Fatma Shaikh suggests sticking to simple pieces. “Unobtrusive pieces add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention to the look. Think monochromatic or create a twist with other colours,” she says.

Don’t dull the brightness of your look
Jyoti and Nimrit Gill of the fashion label Malasa think that red is the colour that screams pure sexiness and conveys a strong persona that instructs speedy attention. “To wear red confidently, you need to have the attitude. However, this is often a bad experience — too much of it might make you appear intimidating, and an improper shade can make you look washed out.” It’s crucial to pair the colour with the right shades, so selecting the right accessories is absolutely necessary. They tell us, “A common mistake is teaming red with black, which only deadens the shade. Silver, pewter or nude colour footwear and accessories function far better.”

Now that we’ve told you how to rock your red outfits, fill up your wardrobe up with these essentials.

  • A stylish red coat Whether it’s a jacket, a trench or an overcoat, you can instantly refresh your look with one of these.
  • A pair of red stilettos Nothing says red-hot like a pair of pumps!.
  • Good red makeup A red lip, some red nails and you’ll instantly feel like a star. We love the star-worthy options we’ve given you on the right.
  • A red dress A maxi gown is perfect for a classy look, but a little red dress works just as well.
  • A red handbag And, not just any handbag! Pick up one of these classics that we’ve chosen, if you can afford to!
  • Some red lingerie Pick up a lacy, racy set — even if it’s just for yourself. Red makes you feel really sensual, which is a mood enhancer.

Pick our favourite reds
You can go for our favourite red items and tick them off from your shopping list

The right gait
The Steve Madden Alludde Red Leather peep toes (Rs 6,700) are great for those who like a chunkier stilleto.

Carry it all
The Hermes Vintage Red Courchevel Macpherson Bag for approximately Rs 74,000.

Walking on fire
Any woman would be lucky to own these Red Patent Pointy Toe Pumps from Jimmy Choo for approximately Rs 33,600.

Pack it up
The iconic red mini bag from Chanel, for Rs 20,000 onwards.

Overcoat stories
If you can afford it, we wouldn’t suggest anything apart from the iconic Burberry trench! Get it for Rs 60,000 onwards — or do what we do and find one to mimic the style!

Feeling royal
Feel like a celebrity in this red maxi dress from www.asos.com for Rs 7,500.

Red celeb
Pick up a simple shift dress like this one for Rs 1,200 from www.jabong.com.

Sexy inside out
This Ann Summers Red Silk & Lace Cami set is perfect to gift yourself! It costs a pretty penny though, at Rs 3,368, on www.asos.com.

Red dreams
MAC’s Ruby Woo is a great addition to your makeup kit. Get it for Rs 990.

Perfect smiles
The L’Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte has a gorgeous red shade and is perfect for Rs 899.

Glamour nails
Nothing beats Chanel’s La Vernis collection and this red is a winner at Rs 1,886!

Picture perfect
Pick up this red shade from Maybelline for Rs 100.

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