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Pets In The House

Thursday, October 05, 2017

You get the best food and choose carefully when it comes to veterinary care for your pets. So why not pick toys wisely too? Trisha Ghoroi & Khevna Pandit bring you toys your pets will love

We love and adore our furry friends, even though they scratch us while playing; and we can’t stay mad at them when they have an “accident”. After all, they make up for it with their funny acts and sloppy kisses. And, it breaks our hearts to leave them alone, but since we have no other option, the least we can do is make sure that they are happy and entertained when we’re away.

However, picking toys for them isn’t easy. At times, they love a toy so much that they’ll play with it till it is completely destroyed. At other times, the packaging seems more interesting than the toy. If you’ve ever bought a toy for your pet and they didn’t even touch it, then you probably understand how important it is to pick the correct one. Here we decode pet behaviours and bring you options for toys with which to spoil your furry kids.


Felines are among the most majestic animals on earth and for many of us, they rule our home and our heart. These creatures consider you their slave, but once you get to know each other, your cat will be your best friend. From scratching furniture and claiming every cardboard box to snuggling with you, cats have a very independent nature, but they do need to play too, which amuses us to no end.

Buying toys for cats

  • Cats like to catch and grab their toys. Small and squeaky toys get their attention.
  • Buy toys with multiple uses. Those that can be used for scratching, hiding and chasing are best.
  • Pick toys with which they can play alone.

Our picks

Give me food

Cats are experts at begging for food, but giving them human food is not a good idea. So, use their love for food and make them work for it with this Trixie ball treat toy, which should keep your cat busy for many hours.

Price: Rs 350


Cat den

Cats like to snuggle up in small boxes, bowls or just about anything. They are extremely flexible and enjoy squeezing into tight spaces. This Trixie cat cave is an all-in-one cat play area, with a scratching pad and string toy, and serves as a great place for a quick (and cute) nap.

Price: Rs 5,500



The most popular pets and also the most playful, dogs always win our hearts with wagging tails and sloppy kisses. They love to chew on things, and if you have a dog, you’ll know how they destroy all kinds of soft toys. But in the end, they do enjoy playing with them. Experts say that dogs see their toys as prey and want something that moves, makes noise, smells good and is soft and chewable.

Buying toys for dogs

  • Buy toys according to your dog’s age — soft rubber toys for puppies and chew toys for teething dogs.
  • Don’t buy hard rubber toys as they are bad for your dog’s teeth.
  • Pick toys that your dog can play with alone, like a squeaky rubber bone or a food puzzle.

Our picks

Test their intelligence

Dogs are smart, and that’s why they are able to learn tricks. But, when your intelligent pup has learnt all the tricks in the book, this puzzle game from Nina Ottosson will come in handy to keep them interested and motivated. They need to figure out how to get to the treat, so fill it up with some of their favourite kibble.

Price: Rs 1,540 (shipping extra)


Play fetch

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could play fetch even when alone? It’s not only fun for them, but also great exercise to keep them active. A device called the iFetch let’s your dog do just that. You can set the distance you want it to go to and let your puppy play in your absence.

Price: Rs 15,438



Parrots and parakeets are intelligent birds that like to keep themselves busy throughout the day. While a flock of birds can keep themselves entertained, if you have one or two birds at home, make sure to provide them with plenty of interactive toys with which they can pass their time.

Buying toys for birds

  • Birds like budgies or parakeets like to climb. Pick toys that can help them utilize their climbing skills.
  • While birds are fond of mirrors as well, don’t keep one in their cage for too long.
  • They also like to entertain themselves with puzzles and sounds.

Our pick            

Swing away

Birds have a tendency to nest and they like to have a perch for themselves. This aesthetic woven swing is a great option for your birds to play on. What makes it even better is that it is hand-woven and completely safe for your bird.

Price: Rs 320



These creatures are burrowers and so, make sure that the toys you pick can help them associate with their nature. It may seem surprising, but rabbits and hamsters are as playful as any dog or cat. To keep them free of boredom, make sure they have plenty of space to move about and healthy chew toys.

Buying toys for rabbits and hamsters

  • Make sure your pet can fit into the toy before you purchase it.
  • Don’t pick toys with small plastic parts because these may pose a choking hazard.
  • Pick toys that can keep them entertained for hours.

Our picks

Pet’s playground

An interactive toy is best suited for young rabbits and hamsters that like to run around a lot. This wooden seesaw toy is perfect to keep your pets occupied throughout the day.

Price: Rs 470


A ball of fun

Surprise your furry friend with this unique Sego-like sphere, which acts as a food dispenser and exercise Ball. Fill it up with your pet’s favourite food and watch them enjoy themselves for hours together!

Price: Rs 590


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