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Friday, September 22, 2017

There’s nothing that captivates us like a well-written television series, and many networks vie for top spot with originals that steal the show and our hearts. Gurjyot Kaur & Khevna Pandit tell you about popular original shows you can stream online right now

The television set may be turning into a thing of the past, but television shows (they still have the word ‘television’ in their name) are here to stay. However, gone are the days when we’ve waited for the clock to strike eight to watch our favourite shows on television. This is the age of streaming, and we don’t have to wait any longer than the citizens of other countries to watch a show that’s the talk of the town. Thanks to the nature of streaming, a series can be released to audiences worldwide at the same time.

And it’s great that, there are many original shows that have made their mark online, thanks to their gripping storylines and excellent characterisation. These shows have captivated us from the very beginning and we’re hooked! Here are a few original shows that have gone the unconventional way when it comes to broadcasting.


The show that garnered much attention when it was launched needs no introduction. It revolves around a teenage girl’s perplexing suicide. But that’s not all! A series of tapes follows, which unveil the mystery of her tragic decision. This Netflix original received mixed responses because the show touches upon a dark, sensitive topic with demoralizing circumstances that brought Hannah Baker, the deceased classmate of Clay Jenson, into our lives. There was even a research study that linked the show with an increase in suicidal thoughts. While Netflix is planning to bring the show to the big screen with Selena Gomez in a leading role, for now the audience seems to be waiting with bated breath for a promised second season.
Where: Netflix


Set in a dystopian universe, The Man In The High Castle is a tantalising combination of a science fiction story and a thriller. The show is based on Philip K. Dick’s history novel in which the Axis powers win World War II and carve up the United States between them. Nearly twenty years later, a fragile resistance movement attempts to stay alive as Germany and Japan edge closer to war, amidst which everyday life loses its semblance of freedom. The most impressive aspect of the show is that it treats its main antagonists more like humans than the usual depiction — overblown villains. The show is well conceived and captured, feeling more like an extra long movie than a TV show. And, unlike most shows on television, it effortlessly entices its audiences into hours of binge-watching.
Where: Amazon Prime Video


If you’ve watched and loved John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’, you’ll definitely like this one. On Air with AIB is a tragic news comedy show where the AIB boys talk about everyday issues in their trademark irreverent style. The weekly show is out in two versions, and the English version features Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya. The funny yet informative show keeps you abreast of current issues such as the RTI Act and the Whistleblower Act. The style is humorous, but the subject matter of the show is what makes it stand out. All in all, it is sarcastic and unlike other comedy shows we’ve seen on television.
Where: Hotstar

Inside Edge is a drama-thriller that captures the world of cricket and entertainment. The scandalous show is about the dark happenings behind the scenes in a cricket league modelled on the Indian Premium League, where corruption is rife, but it also has solid characters. The story puts you into complex plots of manipulation, lust, deceit, greed and betrayal. The series conveys that today, cricket is more about money and less about the sport, and this makes it totally binge-worthy!
Where: Amazon Prime Video

Dark and mysterious, Stranger Things has an old-school thriller plot for the mystery-lover in you. Based in the early 1980s, the Sci-Fi series talks about a group of children, a police chief and a concerned mother looking for a young boy who disappears under puzzling circumstances. Critically acclaimed the investigative drama was praised for its characterisation, acting, soundtrack and direction as well as the homage it pays to 1980s films. A second season of nine episodes is scheduled to touch down on October 27 this year. In fact, talks have been ongoing about a third and fourth season too. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a gripping mystery thriller, tune in to this one.
Where: Netflix

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