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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Whether it’s about finding the perfect corner for some late-night reading or dressing up a cosy corner of your home, Jeet Dalvi & Purva Indulkar help you choose the right nightstand for your space

You’ve thought of your bed, the curtains, even the lighting matches your décor. However, have you thought of a nightstand to complement it all? Investing in a nightstand is a good idea if you want to store electronic cords (in the drawers, of course), stack hefty hardbacks or even place a small bowl of fish on it to keep you company at night. A simple, wooden nightstand can be a convenient place for your jewellery or spectacles, while an opulent marble one can add a dash of glamour to your space. It can be difficult to figure out what fits your style perfectly, but we’ve got a range of pieces for you to pick from. Take a look at our favourites and then use our tips to accessorise your nightstand.

Choose a nightstand based on your budget, but also think about how much (or how little) you will store in it and how it matches the décor in your space.

Bedside bookworm
If you are an ardent reader, your bedroom lights should be well placed. And this piece is the perfect height for a lamp! It’s chic in its appeal and even has enough space to store things.
Price Rs 7,672

Quirky & cute
This Sheesham wood nightstand is going to save you from the stains and marks of beverages and spending a lot. The storage is efficient for basic items such as earplugs, eye masks, medicines, a flashlight for emergencies or notepads.
Price Rs 5,299

Simple elegance
This eclectic piece will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, and will definitely grab all the attention!
Price Rs 6,290

Simplicity beats complexity
This single-drawer nightstand provides just enough surface area and storage for one. The wooden piece also has space to stack up your bedtime reads!
Price Rs 6,187

Super storage
This tall, broad nightstand has open sides and three drawers so it offers a lot of room to tuck things away.
Price Rs 4,999

Accessorise your nightstand
Now that you’ve picked a nightstand that you like (good job by the way!), we’re telling you how to add some sass to your space. With our tips, you can personalise the stand to suit what you need.

  •  Pretty blooms Whether it’s just one stem or a pretty bouquet, fresh flowers are the perfect accessory and also add a little colour to your nightstand. For a more permanent addition pick a pretty plant to embellish your nightstand with.
  •  Precious jewels Placing a shallow dish on your bedside table is handy storage space for your favourite jewellery, and also creates a pretty display for your accessories. Throw in your earrings at the end of the day.
  •  Chic clutter If your nightstand is large enough to double as a dressing table, create a display with perfume bottles, vases and trinkets of varying heights, sizes and shapes. Groupings of three work best and stacked books are perfect to add some height to your display.
  •  Relaxing retreat Want to keep things simple? Simply place a small zen garden or a terrarium on the tabletop. This will help soothe you after a hectic day at work, but remember that it requires quite a bit of upkeep.


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