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Friday, September 29, 2017

The day can be tough on your skin, with pollution and oiliness making it look dull and drab. That’s why Gurjyot Kaur & Aakriti Patni are decoding your bedtime skincare routine to help your skin heal well while you sleep

Before we can change into our cosy pyjamas and snuggle up under our blankets, dosing off to a sleep-filled paradise, we have a ritual to follow — possibly a ritual that most women follow more strictly than any other. Our bedtime routine is a scared one, whether it involves using a simple face wash and moisturiser or it is an extravagant one involving a bubble bath, a face pack and detoxing.

But, most of us don’t think twice about how our routine may be affecting our skin; as long as we have one, we are blind to what it’s doing. You should ask yourself whether it is really working, or whether you wake up every morning cringing at the acne marks on your skin. If it is mostly the latter, you may need to change your bedtime routine and make sure that you are using products that suit your skin. Here we decode the bedtime skincare ritual and list out a few products that you can use.


We all wash our faces immediately when we reach home to get rid of the oil and grime, but most of us tend not to wash our faces before bedtime. However, this is important too. And when it comes to cleansing, it’s best to choose a cleanser according to your skin type. The wrong kind of cleanser can leave your skin inflamed with acne and red patches.

The first step to cleansing is to make sure your skin is completely free of makeup. Use a makeup remover to get rid of the makeup that is clinging to your skin. Using your fingertips, apply the face cleanser in a circular motion for a couple of minutes before washing it off. The cleanser will not only rid your skin of dirt and makeup but will open your pores and unclog them.

Glowing skin is healthy skin. And toning your skin before going to bed is one way of achieving glowing skin! A toner helps to restore your skin’s natural pH levels, which makes it resistant to bacteria, and it also helps get rid of dust and pollution on your skin. A wonder for both oily and dry skin, a toner will replenish the skin, hydrating it, while at the same time clearing the remnants of makeup and other impurities.

While there are several types of toners available, it’s always best to use a natural and alcohol-free product. The best way to use a toner is to add a little amount to a cotton pad and pat it on your face before moisturising. If you think expensive products are not for you, use a homemade toner such as cucumber juice or rose water for radiant skin. After using a toner, apply a small amount of serum on your face to give your skin an even tone and to reduce wrinkles.


Even after you apply a toner, your skin still needs to be moisturised. Doing this before you go to bed will make fine lines and wrinkles softer and your face will appear smoother. And if you have dry skin, don’t even think about going to bed without moisturising; your skin needs that extra hydration as dry skin tends to crack and gets wrinkled soon. Even if you have oily skin, it is recommended that you moisturise your skin daily before going to bed to keep your skin healthy. If you want a moisturiser that won’t leave your skin oily or greasy, use a product that’s best suited to all skin types. Night creams are perfect for this, as they work on reducing fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating the skin. Also, it is vital to nourish and moisturise your lips. So, apply a thick coat of deep moisturising lip balm to make them look smooth and supple.

Here are some of our favourite products for each step of this carefully crafted night-time routine.

Cleansing with milk

Happily cleanse and rid your skin of makeup, impurities and dirt with this new Cleansing Milk from Clarins. Containing a blend of purifying plant extracts, including gentian, hawthorn and sage, it helps rebalance oily skin and gives your skin a radiant look. It will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and perfectly refreshed.

Pick it up for Rs 1,780 from Clarins stores across the city.

Toning with tea tree oil

This toner from The Body Shop is part of their exclusive tea tree range, which uses organic tea tree oil from the foothills of Mount Kenya. Use this toner to remove makeup, impurities and to add a glow and shine to your face.

Pick it up for Rs 795 from The Body Shop stores across the city.

Fragrant night moisturisers

Crafted from pure jasmine and patchouli oils, this night cream from Forest Essentials will soothe and moisturise your skin. It targets fine lines and helps your skin retain its elasticity, but at the same time it’s well suited for youthful skin as it has natural olive extracts and rice bran oil. 

Pick it up for Rs 2,575 from Forest Essentials stores across the city.

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