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New beauty products we love

Friday, October 07, 2016

In a market flooded with brands based on Ayurvedic remedies and clinical solutions, Hedonista offers a range of au naturale products that don’t rely on animal testing. We tried their recently launched hair perfume, which we didn’t think we needed until we spritzed some on. It is a water-based perfume made with the essential oils of Roman chamomile, lemon and clary sage, and it claims to work great with all hair types. It sure did work for me. It’s available in a bottle that’s neither too big nor too small. A few sprays of this perfume leaves your hair with a gentle, refreshing fragrance, which isn’t overpowering at all, and it lasts for a good couple of hours. So, if you’re looking to up your hair quotient, try this soothing blend of natural ingredients.
Price Rs 1,210
Available at

I’ve got so many black eyeliners now, that it’s hard to pick which one to use when I’m going out. Should I scratch on a quick line with a pencil, smear one across with a wand or use my favourite, the gel felt tip? And now, there’s another to add to the list — the oil-free drama liner. Gel liners are usually more intense and this one lasts for a full day without smudging or wearing off. I’m used to rubbing my eyes occasionally, but I had fewer accidents with this one than I have with others. That having been said, this gel eyeliner isn’t as easy to apply as a felt tip liner and is hardly convenient to carry on the go, but it’s an easy favourite because of the dramatic, long-lasting effect. It’s hard to take off though, so make sure you have makeup remover on hand. They promise soap and water will do the trick, but I found that a bit more challenging than usual! Drying time is a huge advantage too, putting it up there with my favourites at a very affordable price.
Price Rs 525
Available at Online retailers and retail stores across the city

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