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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No, we’re not talking about getting rid of frizzy hair or getting a pedicure — although you could do that as well! Instead, Jagruti Verma tells you how you can spruce up your home for the season

Bright and sunny summers, dull and chilly winters — does your décor at home reflect the changing seasons? We understand if you don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money revamping your space as every season changes, but we’ve got a few quick fixes that could help you out. We asked the team from Fevicol design ideas for a few tips and then added a few of our own to help switch up your interiors with little to no effort so that you can offset the cloudy skies and gloomy days that we still have weeks more of to look forward to.

Go crazy with bright colours
Don’t let the overcast skies dampen your mood! Break out all the colourful décor items you have purchased over the last decade — cushions, pillows, throw rugs, pottery pieces — and use them tastefully to brighten up your room. Stick to showing off your individualistic style in your design but remember not to overdo it. You can try colouring the walls on a lazy day at home.

When good looks meet utility
Don’t forget that some utility items can liven up your home too. Those forgotten knick-knacks at the back of your cupboard are good for more than just a trip down memory lane. An umbrella stand or an old wicker basket could easily find a comfortable spot by your main door. And, you could place an old foot mat next to it to save the floor from the splashes of dirt.

Sheer-ly yours
Use sheer, gauze fabric curtains for your windows during the monsoon. This will not only help keep your space odour-free, but also ensure there is proper circulation. Also, don’t forget to open the blinds in the morning to let the sunlight play its part in waking you up. With so many options available, choosing the right curtain will only be half the fun!

Light up!
On days when you have little or no sunshine peeping into your room through those sheer curtains, you can make up for it with some electric lights! But, not harsh white ones. Pick yellow light for soft mood lighting that can lift your spirits. Also, pick a trendy table or floor lamp to place those lights on in your room.

Nature’s basket
Add some fresh colour to your space with a vibrant floral arrangement. A bouquet of fragrant flowers will add a unique touch to the colour palette of your room. When they’re put against a wall, they have the power to turn even the most boring and dull wall into an arty space! And, freshly cut flowers on a side table are almost as effective as floral inspired fabrics.

Subtle aroma
Add a little more light to your space by decorating with aromatic candles in different sizes. Along with light, they will add a subtle scent to your room and accent your décor with bright colours.

That’s my spot!
If you’re the sort of person who points all their furniture towards their television, it’s time for a change. Move your favourite chair around to add a fresh perspective to your décor. Put it by a window and sit back with a cup of coffee and your favourite novel. Make the most of the pitter-patter of the rain in the background as you dive into one literary world after another!

Make the most of the wind
Decorate your window sills with melodious wind chimes that will light up your room and lighten your mood at the same time. Pick a chime in natural wood in order to add a little nature to your surroundings. While you can spend hours picking store-bought pieces, remember that this could also be a great opportunity to create some DIY stuff!

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