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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Website Review: PostFold

Anindra Siqueira takes a look at and tells you whether the site is worth spending some of your online time (and money) on

In an age when we have so many online avenues for shopping, you might think that you don’t need to be introduced to anything new anymore. However, sometimes a fresh perspective is exactly what you need! Still, you may prefer the comfort (and the relative safety) of a particular shopping website. But, because clothing is something that we’re always on the lookout for, it is important to expand your horizons in this regard.

That’s where PostFold enters the picture. In a market that’s already saturated with online shopping options, standing out isn’t easy — and neither is getting recognised. However, PostFold has a unique claim to fame. The website says that it eliminates the middleman (and the crazy markups) to bring you affordable quality designer apparel. And, while we can’t vouch for the quality of the clothing on the site, the prices seem about right — almost every collection on the site has an attractive price tag.

However, what we can do is tell you how your shopping experience on the site might go. The clothing looks fantastic, but what I found a little buggy is that pages take longer to load than you would expect, especially from a shopping website where we want everything and we want it instantly. A few sections of the website even dead-ended.

Another grouse I had was with the filter tools. They don’t respond as you expect them to and can cause more than a bit of frustration, which would leave any shopper disappointed. You have to get to their main page if you want to shop by the styles, colours and patterns that you want.
The silver lining, if there is one, is the clothing. However, most of the men’s clothing comes off as a bit safe (although good looking). On the plus side, a lot of the women’s clothing is edgy and daring, with bold new styles or lines and designs. In that respect, the website delivers, even though the selection is limited.

Overall, if you love bargain-hunting and cute, fashionable items (and if you can bear browsing on the troublesome website), there’s no reason not to check it out. The way items are presented helps you rifle through clothing with a single-minded goal. However, if you crave structure in your online browsing, you’d better stay away. We’re just not quite sold due to the laggy website.

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