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Matte V/S Gloss

Friday, July 14, 2017

When matte lip colour was trending, we welcomed it with open arms. But, trends change and gloss rules this year. If you’re confused about what to pick, Trisha Ghoroi helps solve your dilemma

Ever since we discovered matte lipstick, it has become a permanent part of our makeup kit. But it’s not easy to ditch our old friends, the glossy shades, which have been there for us ever since our awkward teen years. However, you’re not a teenager any more, and choosing the right type of lipstick is important.

Unless you opt for garish trends like sparkle lipstick, matte and gloss are the only big players in this game, and both have their strengths and weaknesses. A glossy lip will give you a three-dimensional effect by highlighting the curves, whereas matte shades give you a toned-down look. But, you can use matte lipsticks when you want to highlight other parts of your face, for instance, to make your eyes look bold and dramatic. There are different kinds of looks you can get with both matte and glossy lipstick, and here are some of our favourites that you can pick from.

Experiment with the shine

We have been familiar with glossy lipstick and simple, transparent lip gloss for ages, but wearing them to create a clean look can be challenging. Glossy lip colours work best when you want to draw attention to your lips, keeping everything else minimal. A layer of bright, glossy lip colour is all you need at these times. This look is perfect for a casual day out, such as for shopping with friends. For a more intense look, try a dark, glossy lipstick with smoky eyes and makeup to contour your face. This look is much more glamorous and is perfect for partying through the night.

Matte is the new cool

Matte lipstick is extremely versatile and popular for its nude shades. But don’t worry, we’re not excluding colour completely. For those days when you’re not in the mood for makeup, a light shade of matte lipstick is enough to give you a casual look that isn’t very eye-catching. If you want to try nude shades, pair your matte lipstick with light smoky eyes. This look goes with everything, from a party to movie night and even for events where you need to be at your fashionable best. Matte lip colour is in fashion because it gives your face a natural look, but the dryness it brings along may be uneasy if you’re not accustomed to it. To solve this problem, dab on some lip balm before applying the matte lipstick. It will help keep your lips moisturised and soft.


  • Instead of buying the same shade in matte and gloss, turn one into the other. To turn matte into gloss, apply transparent lip balm over your matte lipstick. Turning gloss to matte is tricky, but not impossible. Place a single ply of tissue over your lips after applying a glossy lipstick, and with a fluffy brush, dust some translucent powder on your lips. Remove the tissue to reveal beautiful matte lips.
  • Apply a thin layer of white lip liner before applying a lip colour. This helps make the colour pop, and the lipstick looks fuller and more in tune with the colour you see on the lipstick. This hack works best with nude shades. 
  • When you’re out of lipstick, just blend some lip liner with lip gloss to create a makeshift lip colour.


Shimmery shine

When you’re in the mood for some shine, gloss is not enough. This shimmer red lip gloss from L’oréal Paris is a great addition to your makeup kit.

Price: Rs. 850


A spicy brown

Try this Roseate Motive matte lipstick from Lakmé, which has a rich, dark tone. To make your lips the highlight of your look, avoid dramatic eye makeup with this lip shade.

Price: Rs. 480


A pretty pink

This colour by M.A.C is in trend right now and for the right reasons. The bright pink shade gives your face a fresh look and will work with all kinds of styles.

Price: Rs. 1,500


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