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Friday, January 13, 2017

Whether you want a voluminous pout like Kylie Jenner or the graceful curves of Lana Del Rey’s smile, Purva Indulkar tells you what you need to know when you’re considering getting lip fillers

These days, more women are turning to plastic surgery clinics to get that dramatic pout they’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s because of the barrage of selfies with celebrities flaunting the perfect duck-face or the convenience of the fillers in this day and age, if you’re in search of an impeccable pout for a special occasion or regular fillers to achieve that coveted smile, it’s easier than ever. It’s possible to take a couple of hours off work, visit a surgeon and come back with a glamorous look best suited to a Hollywood celebrity. While getting lip fillers is more accessible today, the trend has also led people to pick the wrong types or procedures in their hurry to get a quick (read: cheap) fix. Also, most people jump in without any knowledge about what they are getting into. To help you avoid this, here’s what you should know about getting your lips filled.

Killer fillers
Today, the market is overflowing with harmful lip fillers that have a range of unsavoury side-effects, so your first step should be to consult a trustworthy surgeon and not a doctor who promises to get the job done inexpensively or in too much of a hurry. Next, learn a little about the fillers that are available.
The best ones are made of hyaluronic acid, which happens to be a naturally-occurring sugar-like molecule that is found in your body. These fillers deliver nutrients to your lips and help your skin retain its natural moisture and softness while delivering an almost genuine looking pout. Here are a few more varieties that you can pick from. Take your time and make a choice based on your personal needs.

  •  Juvéderm Ultra: If you want to plump your lips significantly, pick this filler. It will add a graceful structure to your cupid’s bow and the two vertical ridges under the centre of your nose, called philtral columns.
  •  Restylane Silk: This filler is thinner than Juvéderm Ultra and its effects are more subtle. Pick this if you want to plump up your lips but don’t want anyone to notice.
  •  Belotero: This one has the same thinness as Restylane Silk and also helps augment your lips in a way that is barely detectable.
  •  Juvéderm Volbella: This filler is comparatively new and has the same thinness as Belotero, but is believed to last twice as long.

While the first three types of fillers can last for up to six months, Juvéderm Volbella is claimed to linger for an entire year. Either way, you should know that the effect of fillers is temporary and that you will have to get your lips redone once or twice a year.

For a more permanent solution
If getting injections (yikes!) once or twice a year sounds like too much of a hassle, there are permanent solutions called lip lifts that you can pick instead. These surgeries significantly change the shape of your lips (they can reduce the distance between your nose and your upper lip), allowing your upper teeth to show and helping to give you poutier lips. But, this is a major commitment, so think it over before making your decision.

Preparation is essential
If you think you can just show up at your surgeon’s clinic and demand the best results possible, remember that you will have to put in a little prep if you want the results of the filler to last. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E and alcohol thin your blood, so stop consuming them at least a week before your appointment in order to avoid bruising during the injection. However, you may still experience some swelling or bruising even if you take these precautions. You may also feel small bumps. Try icing your lips or give them a gentle massage to break the bumps after the procedure.

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