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Leveling Up Your Lapel

Friday, October 27, 2017

They are stylish and quirky, but the classy ones are gaining attention. The Mumbai Mix Team takes you through lapel pins so that you can add a dash of sophistication to your blazers

Lapel pins are worn on the lapels of jackets and blazers, and they are     often spotted on high ranking public officers and army personnel as a sign of their rank and achievements. But, like anything else, lapel pins have slowly made their way into the world of fashion, becoming a stylish accessory worn by both men and women. Today, the uber style-conscious frequently ramp up their look by adding adorable and trendy lapel pins on to their outfits. And you’ll find all kinds of lapel pins from floral and metallic ones to vintage and even wooden ones. The great thing about lapel pins, besides the fact that they make your outfits look so much smarter, is that you have the option of customizing some of them with your favorite quote or object. Here we tell you how to wear them and how you can match them with your outfit.


The classic men’s accessory can make any outfit stand out, so you’re going to have to choose wisely. Lapel pins add personality to a suit with their old-world charm. They serve as a cost-effective way of customizing your attire. Lapel pins are now used as decorative accessories in fashion and serve no function when pinned on, but they can really pull a look together. They’re available in many different styles from novelty and religious pins to boutonnières and vintage ones.



A boutonnière is a floral pin, typically a single flower or bud that is made from real or fabric flowers. These are formal lapel pins and are worn with tuxedos or tailored suits at weddings and funerals.

Floral lapel pins

Smaller than the boutonnière, floral lapel pins are made from materials such as felt, linen, silk and satin. Available in a variety of pastel colors and patterns, they are much subtler and add a different appeal to the look of your suit without grabbing all the attention at an event.

Vintage lapel pins

To add character to your outfit, pick a vintage lapel pin. These are easy to find at flea markets or even among your grandparent’s treasured belongings.


Collar pins

If lapel pins seem a bit over-the-top for your taste, then pick up a collar pin instead. These pins add flair to your look without garnering too much attention. 


Also known as enamel pins, badges are smaller and more subtle. If you’re the playful type, choose a badge instead of a lapel pin. These are also used for campaigns and political movements.


Classic and elegant they may be, but it’s not easy to pair them. Wearing them with the wrong outfit or at the wrong event is most certainly a fashion faux pas that no man would want to make. Here’s when and how to wear lapel pins.

Lapel pins are ideally worn with a tuxedo or a suit, and so, black-tie events, weddings, business meetings and even formal dinner parties are the ideal occasions on which you can don one. But, since the purpose of a lapel pin is to customize and add a stylish flair to your outfit, you could always wear one with a shirt or sweater when you’re out for semi-formal meetings or events.

When choosing a lapel pin, besides selecting the correct size and style, it’s essential to pay attention to the colors. Unless your outfit is on the bold and quirky side, lapel pins should be more formal and subdued in their colors and patterns. When choosing one with a suit, the pin should match with the cuff links, belt, tie and pocket square. But that doesn’t mean that it must have an identical pattern. This would just make it look gaudy. Rather, the colors of the pin should complement your outfit. When choosing a formal lapel pin, play it safe and pick neutral and subdued colors such as off-white or grey, but even black can work. If you choose a customized lapel pin, don’t put your initials on it.


Floral chic

On the lookout for a less conspicuous way of displaying your non-conformist personality? Or even if you just want to go with something simple, try this floral lapel pin on for size. The pink polka-dotted pin is a cute way to add a youthful exuberance to your outfit. Get it on for Rs 449.

Capture moments

Photographers, even budding ones, have a penchant for displaying their love for the art. And, this quirky little camera lapel pin is an ideal match! Made from brass with an enamel coating, this piece looks like it came from a children’s picture book. Get it on for Rs 649

Bow down

A twist on the traditional lapel pin, this bow-shaped pin would be perfect for a gentlemen’s attrite. Ditch the long-standing lapel pin design for this striped number from Feel Sharp and pull off a dapper suited look. Get it on for Rs 800.

Wooden wonder

If you’re the cool guy who always breathes life into a party, then these wooden lapel pins will go well with your personality. This pair is more for a casual event or if you want to show your quirky personality at a formal one. Get it on for Rs 599.

Golden charm

This is a lapel pin that is perfect for every occasion, be it casual or professional. The elegant pin features a reindeer design and adds a spark of quirkiness to your outfit. Buy it from Van Heusen stores across the city for Rs 999 for yourself or as a gift.

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