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Know More Summertime Stretching

Friday, May 13, 2016

A few weeks ago, we told you about how you can cool down during the summer with some great yoga poses. As a follow-up, Pooja Salvi speaks to Dr. Amrapali Patil to get you a few more variations and tips to include in your routine

Yoga’s numerous benefits can be leveraged during the summer to help you stay cool. We spoke to Dr. Amrapali Patil, a yoga guru, weight management expert and the founder of Trim N Tone, Clinic to find out what more can you do to stay cool with yoga. “An indoor regime of yoga can benefit you greatly by enhancing your flexibility, stamina and lung capacity. Over and above this, yoga also brings about great coordination between your mind and body. This heightens self-awareness, promoting better self-management, and is a complete win-win situation as you get a svelte body, which helps physical endurance, as well as mind-body coordination, in turn facilitating mental and emotional endurance.”

We asked her about a few additional asanas to beat the heat with, and she suggests yogic asanas such as the Chandra Namaskar, Mritasana, Sarvangasan and yogic practices like Chandra Bhedan Pranayam as well as Sitali and Sitkari Pranayam. Add the two we’ve explained below to those we told you about earlier and you’re all set for a cooler, healthier summer!

Chandra Namaskar
Although it seems similar, the Chandra Namaskar varies from the Surya Namaskar. An important point to note is that the sequence is meant to relax your mind and cool your body down after a long day. When you’re performing the Surya Namaskar, you chant mantras for the sun. Similarly, during the Chandra Namaskar, you do the same for the moon. Although the sequence is longer, there is meditation involved, which also calms your mind.

Mritasana expands your consciousness and brings down your body’s metabolic rate. This completely relaxes your mind as well as your body.

Eating for the summer
“Ash gourd juice, bottle gourd juice, cucumber salad and kokum sherbets help to reduce body heat as well as promote weight loss. Diluted buttermilk, barley water and fruits such as watermelon all help in a similar fashion. Choose sorghum or jowar over bajri, millet and wheat. Pick moong dal with added green leafy vegetables in order to create a sense of fullness and also to help cool your body down,” Dr. Amrapali suggests.

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