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Thursday, September 01, 2016

If you prefer a more contemporary look, whether it’s for your wardrobe or your interiors, you should take a look at jute items, says Jeet Dalvi. They’re eco- friendly too!

Jute is a natural fabric with a silky golden shine made from the outer layer of the plant’s stem. Jute fabric has a unique look and, due to its high tensile strength, is also long lasting. The versatile fibres can also be blended with other types of fibres — natural as well as synthetic. So, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most important natural fibres, second only to cotton. Today, there are various creative ways in which artisans and interior designers can use the fabric, and this has led to a huge demand for jute items.

We spoke to experts in the field of fabric and décor to find out. Shalaka Kulkarni, designer at Gini and Jony, tells us, “Fabrics made of jute fibres are carbon-dioxide neutral and naturally decomposable. This is an extremely eco-friendly textile, so it’s very progressive. Its weight and texture allows for experimentation in silhouettes. It is also price-friendly both for the buyer and the manufacturer.”

Nina Lekhi, MD and chief designer curator at Baggit, tells us more about jute products. “Handbags that have been constructed from this fibre are capable of holding numerous items without it affecting their shape. Jute products are also strong and long-lasting, making them a durable option. A variety of fashion products are made from jute as well. For example, necklaces and bracelets that have been integrated with wooden beads and jute are a great, eco-friendly accessory. Bags that have been made of this fabric lend a relaxed vibe to your entire look. Kurtas and waist coats made with jute are also becoming popular. Tough, long-lasting belts are a fabulous pick if you want to add environmentally friendly accessories to your wardrobe,” she says.

If you’re looking for some great jute items for your home, Shalaka and Nina suggest a few items such as macramé products — macramé is a technique that uses knotting instead of weaving or knitting. You could also consider cushions, pillows, curtains, lamps and jewellery made of jute. You could also pick jute totes, hats, traditional kurtas or Gandhi jackets (waist coats), belts, necklaces and bracelets to add a little life to your outfit.

“Jute is a fine fibre that requires dry-cleaning. You must be careful even when you’re hand washing it, since squeezing the fabric can cause severe damage,” says Nina. So, washing jute items at home is not the best idea. If you must, wash them separately and in cool water, using a mild detergent.

They are pleasant to look at and quite popular these days! Here we tell you about a few of our favourite jute products and where you can get them.

Mellow yellow
This modern floor lamp in shades of yellow and orange is perfect for your living room. The light will create a warm, mellow atmosphere wherever you place the lamp.
Price Rs 2,903

Hanging glory
Mumbai offers little space for gardening, but this macramé plant hanger will change all of that! The piece is created by hand and can add a little life to dull interiors.
Price Rs 2,806

The spacious carrier
If you’re the sort of person who loves to stuff everything in your bag, then this finely made jute bag is just the thing for you. There’s room for everything in here!
Price Rs 7,425

Elegant floor
If you’re fond of rugs and mats, this braided jute rug is a classy investment for your space.
Price Rs 8,678

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