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Friday, June 09, 2017

We’re often in awe of beauty vloggers on Instagram who have made their mark with some glamorous new trends. However, we couldn’t help but notice some utterly ridiculous ones as well! Khevna Pandit lists five bizarre and absolutely unbelievable Instagram trends that were once hot

We’re all guilty of stealing (oops, being ‘inspired by’) one too many beauty trends from Instagram. We love looking up beauty vloggers who are constantly experimenting with new products to come up with something even more magical than before. After all, that’s how we came up with those eye-catching ombre hair trends and eyebrows that are on fleek. And, pretty often the end result is absolutely stunning — whether or not we manage to perfect them. But, there are some trends that are wrong, right from the beginning! While we can’t deny that these ladies deserve an A+ for their creativity, we’re not too sure if these trends would ever fit into our checklist. Take a look at five of such out-there trends. They will, at the very least, bring you a few laughs, if you can’t add them to your beauty checklist.

Glitter roots
If galaxy hair wasn’t enough, say hello to glitter roots! This trend that took over Instagram about a year ago involves dusting your roots with glitter and sparkles. We’re not implying that the only reason we can’t stand it is because it appears like a severe case of dandruff from a distance, but there is more than one thing wrong with this trend. And, the cringe-worthy thought of going through a strenuous hair wash later is reason enough to skip this one. We suggest leaving glitter for craft.

Leg contouring
Even if we’ve seen countless contouring fads come and go, a new one never ceases to surprise us. So, just in case you were wondering, leg contouring does exist! While we’ve been captivated by bottom contouring and even flower contouring, we’re not quite sure what to feel about this trend. It may seem like a great way to show off your well-toned legs, but we’re not certain if we’re ready to put in the extra effort (and the time) for a trend like this.

Elaborate eyelids
Eye trends of the recent past have never failed to amuse us. In fact, some have even made it to our things-to-do list. But, if we’re to go a step or two further, we think there’s a need for someone to draw the line. The artistic edge of this elaborate eyelid may look fancy and doable, but before you get your makeup brushes ready, remember that this trend was a pick off the runway. And, that’s exactly where it belongs!

Unicorn liner
In keeping with similar trends, unicorn liner also took to Instagram and dominated its trends for quite a few days. While it merely involves a few vibrant shades of eyeliner extending into a winged unicorn horn, it does look rather tricky to perfect on your own. Besides, we’re surprised at the fact that the internet doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of this trend. Seriously, aren’t we done with all the unicorn trends already?

Nutella facials
Ah, yes! This trend dominated Instagram after Kate Middleton’s famous Nutella facial. We’re not saying we don’t love this delightful, chocolate hazelnut spread; we’re only saying that we don’t love it enough to dip our faces in it. While it does possess a couple of claimed benefits, we can’t imagine wasting our favourite jar of Nutella on this trend — not even for kicks.

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