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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

“Location, location, location” is often quoted when talking about a home, and many would love a sea-facing abode. But, not many know how much trouble maintaining such a home can be. So, Aakriti Patni has a few quick and easy tips

They say that your home is where your story begins. Moulded according to their personality, a home is a reflection of its owner. While there’s no place like home, we like to go all out to make our humble abode our castle. Whether it’s a five-bedroom bungalow on a sprawling countryside estate filled with noisy children, or a quaint studio apartment in the centre of a bustling city, home is where the heart is.

From fairy lights to chandeliers, from classic, vintage paintings to art deco pieces, we all dream of decorating our home the way we like it. But, in a coastal city like Mumbai, where the humidity is always high, it proves difficult to keep your home in good working condition, especially if you live on a stretch by the sea. Peeling paint, chipped walls, leakage and, worst of all, mould, infiltrate your house, the decals on the walls start cracking, fungus and mould creep into the walls and even the cupboards, and before you know it, your humble abode simply isn’t inviting anymore!

The times when you wished you could rush home to bask in the glory of your personal sanctuary have been marred and you dread going back home. But, there isn’t quite such a need to be disheartened; there are various ways for you to design your home, taking into consideration the humidity and the climate of the city. Here we bring you few home décor tips to follow while designing your home sweet home.

Whether you choose to go rustic with wooden furniture or contemporary with sleek leather sofa sets, you’re in trouble with the humidity that the coastal city of Mumbai experiences in abundance. Neither wood nor leather gets along with high levels of humidity. Since wood is porous, wooden furniture has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air, due to which it swells up and expands. Leather is often victim to the growth of mould and fungus, and is prone to cracks and peels if humidity levels are high.

Ayushi Kanodia, of Ayushi Kanodia Designs (AKD), Lower Parel, has some advice on how to protect your furniture in such conditions. She says, “Since the breeze that enters your house is humid and sticky, it is important to keep everything clean and dry, especially wooden furniture pieces. The best thing to do is to have clear or coloured lamination done to your furniture. Veneer with a matte or glossy finish or a clear polyurethane (PU) polish is your best bet.”

Wooden flooring, just like wooden furniture, tends to absorb moisture from the air and  expand. Mould is another problem you’ll face with this type of flooring, and it can cause gaps to appear between the floor boards and the walls. Even hardwood floors are susceptible to gaps between planks, warped planks and cupping in corners, all of which prevent the floor from lying flat. It’s best not to put in wooden flooring if you live near the sea. Stick to marble or tiled flooring work because these face no issues with humidity.

Expectedly, high levels of humidity affect the electronic equipment in our houses. The condensation formed is likely to wreak havoc on the internal components of your electronic devices due to corrosion. The dust that accumulates in and around your electronic devices can block cooling outlets. Electronic equipment exposed to the outdoors, such as AC vents, is more prone to damage. The best way to tackle this problem is to air out your electronic equipment regularly. Clean regularly, making sure they’re free of dust and debris. It’s also advisable to have regular maintenance checks on the equipment to make sure that things are in proper working order.

Peeling paint and chipped walls make a sore sight in any home, and this is extremely common in homes that border the shore. Rain or no rain, the walls are prone to peeling and often you can even spot cracked paint and patches on the wall where mould and fungus have grown. You could re-paint your walls and waterproof your house to prepare for the monsoons, or you could do something fun and which is proven to be more durable.

Wallpapering your walls is not only an economical option, it’s a beautiful one too. You can experiment with as many colours and patterns as you like. You can even go all out and apply wallpaper different designs. If you prefer a more subdued look, then the latest trend is wall decals. Choose a soft solid wallpaper colour as your background, and then choose the decal design that appeals to you. Abstract designs and geometrical patterns look great, while inspirational quotes and song lyrics bring out your quirky side. Truly, the wall is your blank canvas when it comes to wallpaper!

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