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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tried & Tested: Food Review

MeSoHappi has been a favourite ever since the chain launched. Pooja Salvi walks into the recently opened Bandra-Kurla Complex outlet and tells you whether this could be your next hangout spot

While there was a time when no one but the stoic businessman and occasional hotel-goer trudged over to Bandra-Kurla Complex, it’s now teeming with restaurants, as one new outlet after another opens up in the once obscure destination. So, with MeSoHappi receiving such a great response at their Khar outlet, it’s no surprise that they’ve now made their way to BKC for round two.

Live in the spirit
MeSoHappi’s latest outlet is right next to Trade Centre, BKC. It’s not the most ideal spot and while the area outside is a turn-off, once you’re inside the restaurant, the good vibes won’t stop. Colourful and welcoming, MeSoHappi is a space that is loud and booming with energy — nothing less than what you’d expect from a place keen on making a mark in the city. The ambiance is warm, inviting and youthful.

Come for the food, stay for the service
When I walked into MeSoHappi (strategically placed right beside The Captain’s Table, which is owned by the same management), I was keen on tasting the food. Of course, there were regular food options, but they also had a healthy mix of signature inventions on their menu — descriptions of which will leave you wanting for more. Since we wanted to steer clear of salads and sandwiches, we asked for the Flaming Cottage Cheese Skewers (Rs 350) and the Beet & Feta Cheese Cigar Rolls (Rs 325). The Flaming Cottage Cheese Skewers are a fun starter — they have a good Asian edge to them. However, if you were hoping for a spicy dish, you will be disappointed — the dish has a sweet and savoury Asian flavour. The Beet & Feta Cheese Cigar Rolls sound like a healthier version of cigar rolls, but since they’re deep fried, they will be a guilty indulgence. Ditch the diet though, because they are definitely worth trying, especially with the accompanying sauce.

The Baked Potatoes with Refried Beans (Rs 250) were a turn-off, but that may be because the flavour of the beans didn’t sit well with me. My dining companion loved them though, so I wouldn’t strike them out completely. The Baha Chicken on Skewers (Rs 350) has Indian undertones and a strong, smoky taste. We weren’t sure if this was something we would want to try again. Our favourite dishes on the menu were the two prawn dishes — Prawns on Fire (Rs 475) and Dynamite Prawns (Rs 475). Even though the names seem spicy and intimidating, the dishes are delicious and very easy on the palate. They are cooked well and the flavours complement each other just right as they melt in your mouth. I wouldn’t mind making a detour all the way to Bandra-Kurla Complex just for these two.

The main show
Since the starters set the bar so high, we were concerned that the main course wouldn’t match. However, the Crepes (Rs 350) won us over! Stuffed with broccoli and sundried tomatoes and then topped with cheese, the Crepes are cheesy and soft. The sauce served alongside is well made and like most of the dishes at MeSoHappi that evening, the flavours complemented each other perfectly. However, the Crispy Duck (Rs 600) left us confused. While the duck was crisped to perfection, the sauce it came with was a little too strong to enjoy with it. The Chicken, Bacon & Ham Lasagne (Rs 450) is a good option too.

The verdict
At the end of the day, the question remains — does MeSoHappi charm you with its ambiance, food and attempt at a quirky name? I’d say it does. And, since their food on the whole didn’t leave us disappointed, I’d say I would visit again too — especially for their prawns!

Where Ground Floor, B-Wing, Pinnacle Corporate Park, Bandra Kurla Complex
Alcohol served Yes (pint of beer Rs 200)
Meal for two Rs 1,500
Contact 30150831

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