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Groom With A View

Thursday, July 07, 2016

No, we’re not talking about getting married; we’re talking about grooming yourself! Purva Indulkar asks some stylish men how they approach grooming and what their go-to products are

Of all the men we know, we’ve realised that most fall into two extreme categories. There are those whose entire grooming routine involves just the occasional shower, and then there are others who spend 45 minutes in front of the mirror trying to get their hair to set just right. But, while women’s beauty routines are a widely-discussed subject, men have been leading the charge too, as they look for the perfect solution to all their grooming woes. If you’re planning to get started, this might help! We asked some of the most stylish men we know to help out. They lead very busy lives and have very little time for themselves, so don’t even think about using that as your excuse to slack off when it comes to grooming. So, how do they always manage to turn out so impeccably well while balancing everything? Here are their secrets.

Fragrance first
Salesh Grover, the business head of OSL Luxury Collections Pvt. Ltd., believes that your personality should reflect your accomplishments. “Personal hygiene also plays a critical role, not only to benefit overall health, but also to being successful. Don’t forget your perfume; a good fragrance says a lot about your personal style. It not only makes you seem more attractive, it also has a powerful effect on how people see and remember you, so choose carefully. I pick the Acqua Di Parma fragrance range and prefer Molton Brown’s shampoos for hair care. The Terre D’Hermès fragrance is one of the best grooming products available today,” he says.

Protect from pollution
Paresh Lamba has dressed everyone in the South, from the film industry’s leading actors to politicians and athletes. And, he has observed that men don’t pay as much attention to grooming as women do. “I don’t think that this is the right approach. We should pay more attention to ourselves, especially in the times we live in. With the pollution and stress increasing around us, our skin and hair definitely take a beating today. My favourite product is the ultra face moisturiser from Kiehls. It hydrates the skin well and energises it,” he tells us.

Sports style
Professional footballer Robin Singh’s claim to fame is not just his recent stint in the Indian Super League. He was also chosen by GQ as one of the best dressed men in the country this year. So, we would definitely take his word for it when it comes to grooming. “I love being well groomed, whether it’s for a game or an evening out with family and friends. In my opinion, personal hygiene, whether you are a man or a woman, represents the kind of person you are and helps you stay positive. I think everyone should use a good moisturiser and try moroccan oil for their hair. For my hair the go-to product is the Kerastase hair wax,” he tells us. His advice? Consult a dermatologist or a hair stylist to know what product will suit you best.

Keep it simple
Dhaval Budhdeo, the chief operating officer of Stuffcool, an accessories brand, keeps things simple. He says, “I’m not really the type of person who likes to use too many products and my approach tends to be quick and more matter-of-fact than most. I am on the move a lot, so anything that gets the job done in five minutes is good enough for me. For the last six years, I’ve been using the classic L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme fragrance because it is understated and subtle. I wear it to work as well as when I go out.”

First impressions
Fashion designer Nikhil Thampi believes that you only get one chance to leave a lasting impression, so he always makes sure that he has the time to groom himself. He explains, “Grooming is essential for people from all spectrums, not just those involved in the fashion industry. When you are well-groomed, you feel more positive, and that is very important for a calm state of mind. For my hair, I prefer using the Schwarzkopf Osis Flexwax. It’s my first choice for when I want to look my best. I suggest buying products that suit your hair and skin type, not just those with big brand names and hefty price tags!”

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