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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

If you’re one of those people who would love to surround yourself with nothing but your favourite colour, Jagruti Verma gives you some points of advice so that you know exactly how to make your space look grand using just one colour

One of the best things about decorating your home is the fact that you can play with colours to make it interesting. But, your job gets that much more difficult if you want to restrict yourself to just one or two hues. You will have to pay attention to certain factors, such as the texture of your walls, the thread work on your bed sheets, the style of flowers on your curtains and the size of your switchboards, to make it work in monochrome. Read on to know more.

While you might consider using only one colour because you love it, Neelanjan Gupto, interior designer at Neelanjan Gupto Design Co., points out that you not only save money, but also time that is otherwise spent trying to match different colours. It also adds an elegant simplicity to the interiors with a feel of perfection. He tells us, “Going monochromatic simply means that you take one basic colour and apply colour theory to create a whole palette of options by playing with various tones, shades and tints that can be created from the original colour.” Choosing the right pattern and texture, you can blend different hues together to create a design that you’ll love for your room and which will also make a style statement!

When you settle on a monochromatic theme for your room, ensure that you’re using different hues of the colour you choose. Minnie Bhatt, design director at Minnie Bhatt Design, explains, “When you are using a dominant colour such as green, blue or yellow, you should synchronise it with neutral colours such as ivory, beige and grey, so that the combined effect is a pleasant visual.” She tells us that using a deep shade of blue in soft furnishing, rugs or wallpaper can be complemented with white or gray flooring or walls to put together a charming space. And, even when it comes to the neutral colours that complement the dominant colour you have chosen, use different hues and tones for curtains, drapes and upholstery, or of paint for complementary elements.

Yukta Mathur, editor of, feels that starting off with single-coloured décor is a good idea for beginners who aren’t very sure about their colour choices. About the importance of using colours based on the natural flow of light, she says, “Colour themes, even monochromatic ones, work best when there is enough light in the room. If there is a lack of natural light, try to keep the lighting consistent through the day to ensure that the colour scheme remains constant.” Always try to choose a dark, deep shade so that it becomes easier to incorporate, simply because there are more hues to choose from!

Even the smallest things matter; you might get an accent wall, but remember to give importance to small furnishing items and décor accessories as per the colour theme because they play a very important role in bringing the entire space to life! Happy decorating!

Here’s a list of things you should tick off when attempting to create your dream room.

  •  Neutral complementing colours help to highlight the dominant colour used in the room.
  •  Make sure you use different hues of the dominant colour for different elements in the room.
  •  Pick a dominant colour that has many different hues to choose from.
  •  Make sure that your room doesn’t look dull. Even if you’re using just black and white, innovate and use your skills to make sure it’s a pretty sight!

Not sure what colours you can choose from for a monochromatic décor theme? Have a look at our list to get started!

  •  Blues: Indigo, aqua blue, navy blue, Persian blue, periwinkle and sky blue
  •  Greens: Apple green, avocado, mint, olive green, emerald and lime green
  •  Reds: Crimson, auburn, Tuscan red, vermillion, wine and Venetian red
  •  Yellows: Cream, lemon chiffon, gold, mustard and school bus yellow
  •  Pinks: Carnation pink, lavender pink, salmon pink and raspberry


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