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Getting Started With Gardening

Friday, May 27, 2016

Inspired by the people on page 13 and want to try your hand at gardening? Here are some tips and tricks you may find useful

When you first pick up your trowel and set out to create a garden for yourself, you may be under the impression that you’ve got it all figured out — and for the most part, we’re sure you do. However, if you are new to all this and need help to take your first step, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of dos and don’ts to help you though the initial stages of building your own thriving and flourishing garden.


  • Make sure you keep all your gardening tools in one place so you won’t need to run around your house with garden feet looking for something you need. Also, spray the tools with water once you’re done.
  • Try to keep your garden safe from insects, pests and weeds. Planting some marigold, rosemary or peppermint (in a can) will help keep pests away naturally. Also, if you spot a plant that looks disease ridden or spoilt, remove and dispose of it immediately or the infection or infestation could spread.
  • Water your garden as and when needed. It’s best to water plants at the base. Don’t wait to water them when they begin to wilt. Pay attention to cucumber and melon plants as they require a lot of water.


  • Don’t place any fertiliser directly on top of seeds or your plants. This isn’t necessary for plants to benefit from the fertiliser. As you water your plants, the fertiliser will break down and get absorbed into the soil.
  • Never water your plants when the sun is falling on them. Try to do it before the sun comes up or in the evening, after sun has set. Also, make sure that you thin your plants when they’re young. It helps them grow.
  • Be careful when you’re using a garden hoe or spade. If you dig too close to your plants, you could cause serious, irreparable damage to their roots.

Nothing can replace the joy you will feel when you see a flower bloom and grow into something beautiful. It makes all the messy work in the dirt worth your while. And, of course, there are mental health benefits that come along with it. Here are a few.

  • Keeps stress at bay Gardening requires physical strength, as well as a certain amount of concentration. It helps you stay focused and keeps you from thinking about all the stress in your life.
  • A source of motivation Since gardening requires getting things done to see results, it requires motivation to keep going. It gradually becomes a source of motivation in your life, which helps you get other things done. It also helps you understand patience better.
  • Reduces risk for Alzheimer’s and improves brain health A long-term study conducted in Dubbo, Australia, followed about 3,000 elderly people on a daily basis, tracking all kinds of dementia and assessing their lifestyle factors. It was found that people who engaged in daily gardening showed the single biggest risk reduction for dementia — a reduction of 36%.
  • Drives away depression The sudden uplifting feeling that you feel from gardening is real. Horticulture therapy is suggested to people who suffer from depression and other kinds of mental illnesses and is known to give the person a combination of physical activity, awareness of their natural surroundings, cognitive stimulation and the satisfaction of having done something productive.


For you to start on your garden, you need to know where you can get top quality, reliable equipment. You can rely on online portals like, but if you want to be able to check things out in person, stick with the age old method of buying your gardening equipment in a physical store. Here are a few places you can drop by:

Ratanshi’s, Byculla

  • Website
  • Address Doctor Baba Saheb Ambedkar Road, Byculla (e)
  • Contact 23723296

LawnCare equipments, Ha Ko Group

  • Website
  • Sales Office Plot 1, A Cama Indl. Estate, Service Road, Off I. B. Patel Road, Goregaon (e)
  • Contact 26852596

Adarsh Stores

  • Address Meghbai Ramji Mansion, L. T. Road, Near Bhabhai Vegetables Market, Borivali (w)
  • Contact 28339255

Green Enterprises

  • Website
  • Address Krishna Paradise, A/4 , Office No 1001, Shri Malang Road, Kalyan (e)
  • Contact 38538320

Lovely Gardener

  • Website
  • Address Johar Mansion, Mangesh Shenoy, Behind Bai Kabi High School, Fort
  • Contact 38519375
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