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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Want to spend your dough on luxury designer products, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Purva Indulkar gives you a few tips on fashion investment

You’ve finally done it! You’ve paid off all your student loans and have a tidy sum in your savings account to treat yo’self with. For years now, you’ve been crushing on a tan Burberry trench coat or a Mulberry tote, or maybe a dazzling string of Chanel pearls, and you can finally just about add them to your wardrobe. But, before you grab your credit card and head to a fancy boutique in Juhu, there are a few important factors that you must consider.

The fashion industry constantly raves about that ‘investment piece’, an expensive, classic garment or accessory that doesn’t follow trends and so, has a timeless appeal — the pieces that everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Jennifer Lawrence have rocked in different eras.

But, buying a Louis Vuitton bag is easy; the difficult part is looking after it the way a luxury item needs to be taken care of. And, since these pieces are at the highest end of the spectrum, you’ll only invest in a couple of these in your lifetime. So, here are a few things you should keep in mind before committing to a luxury item.

While, to most people, spending more than a lakh on a pair of leather loafers might sound like a frivolous (if not ridiculous) expense, investing in fashion is like investing in gold. What you buy today could be sold for much more in a few years. In the process, not only do you get to rock an original designer piece, you also make a neat profit.

Buying old, used designer pieces and selling them at a small profit — because ‘vintage’ clothing is always in fashion — is becoming a booming online business. And, if you buy something today and hold on to it for a decade or so, you have a piece that will fetch you an impressive sum.

But there are several twists in the story. First off, you need a piece that has that timeless appeal, something that may not follow a specific trend that is only popular at the moment. Buying a Chanel power suit? Yes! Investing in an off-shoulder top? Think again! Also, the clothes have to be in impeccable condition, especially if they are used. So, think before you pour yourself a cup of coffee in your Valentino sundress.

Wondering which items are worth investing in? Handbags, fine jewellery and watches are the safest options. You will often spot celebrities sporting Chloe cross-body bags while on their way to Paris Fashion Week or wearing chandelier earrings with Swarovski crystals on the red carpet. Pay attention to the items that they sport, because they are usually worth the investment; they’re worn by the most glamorous people!

If you plan on buying something without the intention of selling it, then shoes are your best bet. But, opt for something a bit more versatile so that you can wear them on a number of occasions instead of just at a David Bowie themed party. A pair of nude Christian Louboutin pumps or black stilettos from Manolo Blahnik are shoes that you can wear to every occasion, from a wedding to a funeral. If you have a slightly bigger budget, don’t shy away from investing in home furniture and even some high-profile art for your apartment.

You know these ones already; anything that the glamorous ladies of Sex and The City have ever mentioned should be the names to look for. Classic brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci and Rolex have a track record of providing timeless looks to the most popular celebrities. You can opt for names such as Balmain or Dior too, which are also very popular among social media sensations and enjoy regular publicity thanks to the long list of gorgeous celebrities they dress.

Our advice is to look at a celebrity whose sense of style you want to emulate. Want a classic, more conservative appeal with some chic thrown in? Look at which names Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing. Want your style to reflect your edgy personality? Supermodel Bella Hadid often graces Cannes with the most daring looks of the year. Want to invest in a bit of menswear that is unconventional? Turn to Harry Styles and his sparkly trousers. Want to sport a traditional alpha-male look? David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio are always dressed to impress. Find a celebrity that has the same taste in fashion as you do and see which brands they like to wear.

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Want to spend your dough on luxury designer produ
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