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Get your bag on!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A man’s bag, stereotypically referred to as a “murse”, has been viewed as something odd for the longest time. However, men across the world have started to break this stereotype. Jeet Dalvi tells you all about the trending style and which ones to pick

There was a time when the man’s bag was limited to English aristocrats and bureaucrats who used heavy and broad wooden briefcases or suitcases for their daily essentials and official documents. The trend remained unchanged for the most part until the 2000s, when men started appreciating grooming and fashion. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, the sale of men’s bags has leaped 47% in 2014. Top celebrities including David Beckham and Kanye West have been seen sporting a bag for events and the man’s bag is beginning to look more appealing than ever!

Here, we’re bringing you the essentials of the man’s bag so that whatever type you choose, the days of cramming all your stuff into your pocket can come to an end. Read on for more on upgrading your back pocket in favour of different varieties of bags for daily use.

Don’t carry any gender baggage
Anurag Wallace, a trainee designer at the House of Anita Dongre, believes that a bag is essential regardless of your gender. “It is an important part of your attire, whether you’re at work or doing your daily chores. With men’s fashion growing tremendously of late, it also defines your lifestyle,” he says. Men who accessorise with bags may have been stereotyped as feminine, but Anurag Dubey, who runs a fashion blog called Original Curation, breaks this stereotype, explaining the importance of a bag in the fashion world. “A bag can do wonders for your look. If you wish to get a portfolio done, one of the looks you must have is men’s street style with accessories and bags. It helps models display their ability to endorse products,” he tells us.

Comfort and strength matter
Typically, most of men’s shopping is either done by their spouse or family members. However, with this simple tip, independent men can pick what best suits them, keeping comfort in mind. Anurag Wallace suggests, “Don’t go for bags that look stylish, but can’t accommodate your daily items. Style picks up when an individual is completely comfortable carrying it off.” Anurag Dubey believes that your bag must possess the strength to take the weight of all that you wish to carry around. Check the linings, top fabric, zippers and wash care relating to the bag. It will help you decide on its durability and strength. Only pick a bag you’re sure will suit your needs.

Turn to trends
“Amongst the 25 types known, I guess the bags that are in trend are the messenger bag, the backpack, the laptop bag, the sling bag and the clutch bag,” Anurag Wallace tells us. Messenger bags are a good option for college students because they are stylish. Working men can use this for casual hang-outs with friends because carrying a shoulder bag may look awkward. A sling bag looks stylish, but can be uncomfortable at times, especially if suspended low. Anurag Dubey tells us about bag trends for men. He says, “I use a waterproof duffle bag from PEPE Jeans, which I usually carry for cumbersome commutes in the city. I use a structured fabric bag from Mr. Button for official meetings. For casual events such as movies and lunch, I have a hard PU Superdry messenger bag, which is my personal favourite. Sling bags have gradually received appreciation and popularity among working men.”

Style tips
Anurag Wallace advises that you style your bag depending on the type of garment you’re wearing. You can also adorn it with things like a knitted scarf, or hang a key chain or bands, or even handmade beads on your bag to add a touch of style and personalisation. However, Anurag Dubey has a different view on style. His advice: stick to the policy of ‘what suits you fine, will shine’. “I do not advocate spreading style tips to people, creating a ‘monkey see monkey do’ attitude. It’s very important for an individual to think about what they like, what they want to wear and whether there is something new that they haven’t tried yet,” he tells us.

Types of bags you must know about!

  •  Briefcase: Probably the oldest form of an “acceptable” handbag for men
  •  Messenger bag: A large bag with a long strap, worn across the body
  •  Carryall or holdall: A leather bag with a zipper and two handles
  •  Tote: A large bag that can be used to carry a number of items
  •  Newsboy bag: A less formal, yet style savvy variant of the messenger bag
  •  Backpack: For travelling or hiking, or when you need to carry your belongings along
  •  Clutch bag: A slim, flat bag without handles or a strap that you must hold in your hand or under your arm
  •  Duffel bag: A cylindrical canvas bag closed by a drawstring and carried over the shoulder
  •  Shoulder bag: A bag with a long strap that is hung over the shoulder
  •  Sling bag: An unstructured fabric shoulder bag
  •  Satchel: A bag with a long strap, and which closes with a flap
  •  Waist bag: A small fabric pouch usually secured with a zipper

Our Picks
Now that you have a fair idea about the man’s bag, we’ve picked five of our favourites for you to choose from

Sling it in style!
This charming brown leather sling bag accentuates your outfit. Put on a black slim leather jacket, throw this bag across your body and you’re good to go!
Price Rs 1,999

Sophisticated hold!
This super slim and appealing clutch bag can easily be your go-to formal bag. Hate stuffing your documents in your bag for fear of getting them crumpled? This clutch should be your pick.
Price Rs 2,603

Clutch wallet
This coffee colour clutch is ideal for storing your basic essentials such as credit cards, official papers and cash. This is the new way to carry your essentials in style.
Price Rs 1,728

Travel tow
This sand brown and midnight blue duffle bag isn’t just stylish, it also features twin grab handles and a zip closure. And, it offers ample space to have all your belongings well organised.
Price Rs 2,299

Holiday ready
Are you one of those men who likes to carry all your daily essentials wherever you go — whether for a short boat ride or surfing? This blue duffle bag is meant to take care of all your belongings.
Price Rs 6,646

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