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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trying to put things together to make your living space look artsy? Pearl Mathias brings you a few simple tips and tricks that will help you remodel your apartment to showcase your artsy side

You know that free-spirited, artsy type of person that everyone admires? Of course, we all know someone who manages to pull that off so effortlessly, without spending much time or money at local thrift shops. However, it really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. And, the best part is that you don’t have to invest in art and décor classes to gauge what it really takes to incorporate an artistic feel to your space. Read on for some simple tips, none of which burns a hole in your pocket, if you’ve been looking to add this trend to your home.

Bold is beautiful
To add flair to your home, start off with bold wallpaper featuring geometrical designs. These represent the Art Deco era and instantly catch the eye. You can also infuse your walls with colour. Adding pops of bright paint will make your room come alive. Don’t worry about the colours matching and shades complementing each other — the less they match, the better they look.

Hang up your artwork
And by artwork, we’re not referring to just those portraits you spent a thousand bucks on. It could be moments of yourself and your family, your pet or even scenic photographs you captured while travelling. Frame them in a variety of sizes and create a graphic wall in one of your rooms. Place a high-backed wing chair against it and your room looks classy instantly! Everyone loves vintage wallpaper, but covering an entire wall with sheets of scrapbook paper that complement each other is a great alternative to those expensive designer wallpapers, suggests Anjali Jain, owner of Kala Drishti, an artist-run trust that supports upcoming artists.

Using fabrics
When picking fabrics for your living room, they don’t have to be the upholstery kind. “Floral prints and bold stripes are also fun, especially if the colour scheme is similar so you can mix and match,” says Anjali. She also suggests creating a headboard from a beautiful blanket or a quilt, or using vintage fabrics as cushion covers to give your bedroom a regal feel.

A natural finish
Adding an artsy touch to your home doesn’t necessarily mean including bold patterns and striking colours. In the early Hollywood era, an artistic vibe was added by adopting neutral palettes and combining them with shiny fabrics, subdued lighting and lavish, soft materials that looked luxurious. However, whether a home has an artistic feel is totally subjective. So, don’t easily dismiss subtle tones when you’re looking to add an artistic vibe to your space.

Things to add
Books are a must-have if you want to give your space an artsy intrigue. Whatever you’re into — romance, fashion magazines, recipe books or poetry — pile them on your nightstand or on coffee tables, apart from your bookshelf. Placing plants in colourful pots around your home or even having a goldfish in an attractive fishbowl is incredibly low-maintenance, but high on style. You can also add whatever gets you going — be it musical instruments, sports gear, décor accessories or even a faux fireplace!

It comes down to you
Don’t assume that only hipster-like, artistic junkies fit right into this kind of space. The artsy style is for anyone who wants to bring the appeal of the arts and bold lifestyle choices into their home. And sometimes, being hip is as simple as channelling your inner child, surrounding yourself with creativity and things that get you up and pumping, or which simply lend a solitary calmness to your life.

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