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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Whether you want to give your chairs a makeover or add a few quirky styles to your home, you won’t be short on variety. Trisha Ghoroi brings you a guide to finding the perfect chair

If you’re looking to cultivate comfortable seating in your home, a new chair is in order. But, there’s a whole world of chairs out there; you don’t have to stick to the plain old, boring type. Not only do the different types look great as décor pieces; each type has a history, which makes them even more interesting. Some lend your room a modern touch, while others add a traditional feel. Some are great to sit on and enjoy a cup of tea, while others are perfect for a nap. Read on to know about the different kinds of chairs. The one that you’re looking for may be part of the list.

Rocking chair
You may think that a rocking chair is only for the elderly, but it is an extremely comfortable option even for youth. Some have upholstered seats and back support, while others have a simple wooden frame.

Bean bag
The dream chair for every teenager, this fabric bag filled with beans adds a casual touch to any room and is a comfortable thing to plop yourself on the end a tiring day. Generally associated with teenagers, a bean bag is great if you’re looking to give a corner in your room a casual, youthful vibe.

A chair that turns into a longue is the right match if you’re cramped for space. This type of chair allows you to lower the back and prop your feet up on the footrest to relax. Place it near your window and nestle in with a good book.

Butterfly chair
If you’re on the hunt for a chair to carry along for picnics, switch out the hard and uncomfortable folding chair with this flexible butterfly chair. With foldable metal legs and a loose fabric seat, this chair ensures comfort away from home.

Ball chair
This type of chair has a spherical back, and unlike others, it has you completely covered. It creates a cosy nest and also gives your home a modern touch. It is ideal if you’re looking for some privacy, but won’t work well if you’re claustrophobic.  

Wing chair
This type of chair looks like it arrived straight from a palace. With its long back and winged sides, it has a regal feel to it. Put a foot stool in front of it and it becomes the perfect setting to relax and unwind — and feel like royalty.

Chaise longue
If this isn’t the most comfortable-looking chair then we don’t know what is! It looks like something fine tuned after years of experimentation. The chaise longue is generally curved, which provides great support and comfort.

If you’re looking to fill a space with quirky seating options, there are other pieces of furniture that you can consider adding to your home. Try these on for size.

  • Hanging chair: Similar to an outdoor swing, this elongated chair levitates in mid-air. Some come with a stand, while others need to be hung from the ceiling. Either way, you can create a unique corner for yourself with this type. They are not only pretty, but also add a fun element to your home.
  • Murphy bed: If you live in a small apartment, fitting in big furniture could be a problem. A Murphy bed is a smart way to make the most of space and comfort. These beds fold up into the wall and resemble a cabinet. They also double as seats when folded.
  • Hammock: Give your outdoor space the feel of a holiday home with a hammock. Generally hung outdoors, you can even bring it indoors, and hang it above a bed or near a window.


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