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For Your Mum

Thursday, May 05, 2016

We strive to make every Mother’s Day more memorable than the last for our favourite women in the world — our mothers. The Mumbai Mix Team tells you what you can do this Sunday to make it extra special

We aren’t saying you should only celebrate your mum once a year — this special lady deserves your love and respect all year round! However, if you do want to make her feel like a queen on a day that’s dedicated to her the world over, we’ve got just what you need! Here we tell you how you can celebrate Mother’s Day with your mum this year.

We know that 24 hours are not enough to remind our mothers how important they are to us. But, since we only have a day, why not look for fun, unusual ways to spend the occasion with our mums in a memorable manner?

  • The film date Nothing beats an old-fashioned film date with your mum — even if it’s in front of your television at home! Put on a few classics, snuggle up under a blanket with a bowl of ice cream and spread some cheer this Mother’s Day! Or, you could watch one in a theatre, followed by a meal!
  • Primp yourselves A spa treatment is a welcome indulgence any day of the year, and it’s even more special with your mum! Catch up on some girl talk or simply spend the day being pampered in comfortable silence. You could visit your favourite nail spa or get a makeover for the day.
  • Surprise her That comedy show she’s been asking you to take her to or the play she’s been trying to watch for the past few weeks — now’s a good time to visit! Surprise her with tickets for whatever it is that she wants to go for.


  • Communicate well Talk! It really is the best adhesive for your bond. Express your feelings with words and accompany this with a big hug, which will do wonders for your relationship. Let her know that you care and give her the opportunity to make you feel loved. Stay in touch with your mum throughout the year, no matter how far you live — use technology for some good! Also, meet her as often as you can.
  • Try to understand each other’s point of view This is very important. You belong to different generations, and this gap can often put a dampener on your relationship. Try and maintain a balance between love, intimacy, care, respect and your feelings in order to ensure that this gap doesn’t play spoilsport with your relationship.
  • Find happiness in the little things Offer her a hand in the kitchen, help her clean the house, occasionally send her flowers or just whip up breakfast for her every now and then. These small gestures will make her happier than your expensive gifts can. Gifts will make her happy too, but you can’t beat spending quality time together.
  • Spend quality time with each other Speaking of time together, this could be going on a short walk, taking a vacation together, watching a film, cooking together, sipping on some coffee or just hanging out at home. Spend time in a way that suits both of you.
  • Go shopping! Seriously, all women love to shop! This could be the best way to get her attention and give her yours. For daughters, it’s a nice way to figure out her taste and find some old-school fashion advice. (Sons can also make an effort to help their mums with all the shopping, because it’s the thought that counts!) Just don’t forget to compliment her — a lot!

This Mother’s Day, you can have fun with your mum without stepping outdoors. Here’s what you can do to make your mum feel special:

  • Cook a meal together Helping your mum out in the kitchen is always a good idea. And, it will be even more special if you join forces for a special meal that the two of you (or the entire family) can enjoy after all that hard work.
  • Play a game Play a game that the two of you would play when you were younger. Whether it’s Ludo, Snakes & Ladders or a game of cards, it will cheer her up and bring back fond memories of holidays spent together when you were a child.
  • Browse through old photographs Going through old photographs always brings back memories. Go through old albums from the past where both of you can reminisce about the way things once were.
  • Get into gardening Gardening is a relaxing pastime, and it can be productive too. Plant a few flowers that your mum likes. Each of you can get a pot with your favourite plant and track each other’s progress over the weeks.
  • Get the family together What better occasion than Mother’s Day to get the whole family together and surprise her? It will show her how much everyone cares. Of course, make sure that she isn’t going to be the one who does all the work and the cleaning-up afterwards!
  • Recreate an old photograph This is something that you simply have to do! Find an old photograph from when you were very young, and recreate it — everyone should adopt the same pose as they did in the original. It’s a great way to create new memories based on old favourites!

Advertisers tend to stereotype mothers, and often portray them in very traditional roles. However, over the past few years, we have seen an improvement in the way that advertisers and marketing companies approach Mother’s Day. Here are a few of our favourite campaigns.

Cardstore – World’s toughest job
Those who look down on women who choose to stay at home and look after their families are set straight by this campaign. It shows why staying at home and looking after your family is the toughest job in the world. The clip is cleverly made and will leave you feeling a bit sentimental.

The Indian market always tries to match pace with the international one in the portrayal of women by constantly trying to show them (especially mothers) in good light. Topics such as widow remarriage are shown positively in these jewellery ads, and boy are we on board with them!

Proctor & Gamble: Thank you, Mom
In 2012, P&G launched a campaign called Thank you, Mom, where they featured Olympic athletes training from a young age and emphasised the impact that their mothers had on their lives. If this campaign doesn’t make you miss your mum, we don’t know what will.


It’s unfair to dedicate just one day of the year to your mum, so we’re helping you make her feel special every month with these subscription packages! You should also consider ordering them for yourself — they’re that good!

We’ve all gone shopping with our mums during our teenage years, arguing over what to buy and how to wear it. But as time goes by, you may have moved on to online shopping and she may find it difficult to travel as much as she used to. If you want to surprise her every month with the best fashion, lifestyle and beauty products, look no further than Sugarbox. Their boxes, filled with exclusive goodies, start at Rs 1,499! Each item is picked by in-house stylists!
Available at

Our mums may have drawers full of old-fashioned gold and precious stones, but if you think that your mum should wear something more contemporary, Zotiqq is the perfect gift for her. The subscription box, starting at Rs 1,500, delivers five pieces of trendy costume jewellery every month and includes everything from ear cuffs to charm bracelets. Their designs are based on a theme for each month and we bet that you will also find something in their lot that you want to sport!
Available at

My Envy Box
If your mum is a classy lady with a bottle of Chanel No. 5 on her dresser, you obviously can’t impress her with a badly thought-out or a half-hearted present. That’s where My Envy Box comes in. It is a subscription service that delivers 4 to 5 trial sized products to your doorstep (it starts at just Rs 850!). The best part about this is that you don’t have to spend too much, but you still get to try out Indian and international luxury beauty products.
Available at

The Gourmet Box
Has your mum stocked your fridge with vegan coffee ice cream or peanut-butter flavoured yoghurt? In that case, she would love to receive a handpicked selection of gourmet food from around the world. Starting at Rs 700, The Gourmet Box will deliver 2 to 3 products (which we bet you’ve never heard of before) and several recipes so you know how to use them.
Available at

Paper planes
If your mum often overboils the tea because she’s engrossed in a book, what could be a better gift than more books? For Rs 1,000, Paper Planes will send her independent magazines from around the world that are meant for a specific audience. Simply select something that you think your mum will be interested in. Paper Planes has an extensive selection of magazines, ranging from in-depth journalism to sports photography — it will suit her taste even if it is a rather niche one. Fair warning, there will be more overboiling.
Available at

Your mum may have made your favourite gulab jamun on special occasions, but as the years go by, it’s important for the older generation to watch what they eat. This can be difficult, but you can help your mum take small steps to developing a healthier diet. Try Snackosaur, where boxes start at Rs 299 and include five regular-sized snacks. Expect products such as­­ Wasabi Moong Beans and Roasted Edamame.
Available at

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