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Dressing Down

Thursday, April 27, 2017

When it comes to dressing rooms, the motto ‘Leave it like you would want to find it’ comes into play. Pearl Mathias lists a few things your should keep in mind during your next shopping trip

While no shopping spree is complete without a trip to the changing room, it’s not the best feeling to be waiting in a long line or walking into the room leaving an impatient bunch of people behind. And, there’s no forgetting the store attendants who do so little to help. It may seem like forever before someone brings you a piece of clothing in a different size (if at all they do oblige) while you wait in the dressing room. But, while you’re in there, just for one second put yourself in the shoes of the attendants who have to make countless trips up and down the aisles. Though some may argue that it’s part of their job, there are a few things you should keep in mind the next time you’re heading towards the trial room, for the sake of the attendants and other shoppers alike.

When it comes to clothing
Whether you end up buying it or not, the moment you pick up a piece of clothing and carry it with you into the dressing room, you’re responsible for it. It’s important to treat the clothes you’re trying on as if you already own them. You wouldn’t want to find your beautiful blouse strewn across the floor, would you? Similarly, when you’re done trying on clothes or even browsing through them, it’s essential to put it back in the same place and in the same way you found it.

Treat it like your own
Sure, you’ll be in and out in less than 10 minutes and you don’t care about anything other than finding the right outfit. However, when you’re in there, although it may not seem entirely homely or comfortable, it’s important to treat it like your own. It’s not a place to leave anything behind, let alone trash. There was an instance of a tampon being left behind in a lingerie changing room. You wouldn’t want to walk into a changing room to such a scene, would you?

Heap mentality
If the store attendant asks you to dump the clothes into a heap in a box, by all means do so. But, if you notice that this policy doesn’t work in a particular store, simply put the outfit back on the hanger and either leave it in the room or hand it over to the attendant. Just because there’s a pile of clothes lying on floor, doesn’t mean it’s alright to add to it. Putting the clothes back on a hanger won’t take more than a minute of your time.

Remember where you are
You may need a bit of convincing and a friend’s advice before picking up an outfit, but limit the amount of time you spend in the dressing room. Remember that there’s always someone waiting to try something on. Although you don’t need to speed things up, looking at an outfit from 20 different angles doesn’t play much of a role when deciding whether it looks good. Another thing to remember is to avoid using your phone when in there. You can always return the call or step out if it’s urgent. You don’t want to walk past the angry stares of fellow customers waiting in line.

Hygiene check
No matter how dire the need for an outfit, it’s extremely inappropriate to enter a store and try on clothes when you’re not at your hygienic best. If you’ve come from the gym or are on your period, it’s important to keep in mind the possibilities of staining when trying on something. You may not end up buying the outfit, but it is common courtesy to leave it in good condition for the next person who may.

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When it comes to dressing rooms, the motto ‘Leave
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