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Dear Dad...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

We’ve wanted to say so much, but just haven’t had the chance to. That’s no excuse though, so the Mumbai Mix Team gave women across the city the opportunity to tell their dad’s what they’re grateful to have learnt from them

“Thanks to your post graduation in literature, marketing and economics, I used balance to pursue my own degrees, and was never forced, but always inspired, because I wanted to be ‘just like my dad’. Your ability to lend people who needed assistance a hand taught Mazhar (my brother) and me to share, even if it meant that we were left with a smaller portion for ourselves. I still remember your words after having scored badly on an exam: ‘Lesson learnt. Now try harder if you really seek it. But, if it still doesn’t happen, try something else. Find a solution; don’t mope over a problem.’ This became my mantra — the process is more important than the outcome — and being a problem solver should become a more important life skill than simply having talent. I always loved when you told us that being Indian was a huge privilege — greater than any religion — and this gave us the freedom to be and inspired us to do more for our country. More than anything else, your unconditional love meant that we were always safe and secure. Thanks for being a superhero and friend, rather than just a parent.”
– Fatima Agarkar, educationist

“As the daughter of an Indian Naval Officer, I have inculcated your discipline and modesty in my personality. The healthy lifestyle that you bestowed upon me was a pain a few years ago, but has now become a way of life for me.”
– Sharmista Biswas, fashion blogger

“Thank you for teaching me how our confidence and the spirit of never giving up on what we believe in can get us what we want. And, for the dedication and determination with which you gave my brother and me the best of everything, while still keeping us grounded. It has always been comforting to know that regardless of how many times I fail, you will be there to push me back up. You’re the reason I have grown up to be a strong, independent and humble woman. In spite of the fact that you aren’t here with us any more, the feeling that you are watching over us keeps us going. Thank you.”
– Sonal Khatri, image consultant and founder at MBD Stylebox

“Thank you for saying what you mean and meaning what you say. You have given me the gift of a clear conscience and made me aware that I’m your pride. You have taught me that integrity, hard work and an eye for detail are an unbeatable combination for success. This has given me strength in my journey so far.”
– Ipsa Bansal, business head at Mohawk

“Thank you for instilling in us values that allow us to live a wholesome, balanced life. We value your mentorship; you push us to follow our dreams, work hard and also live a fulfilling life. You’ve educated us and told us that we can achieve anything we want to, irrespective of our gender or age. We celebrate you as a loving father, an inspiring role model, and a dynamic boss. Thank you, SuperDad!”
– Sana and Samira Chopra, executive director and director at Cybiz Brightstar Restaurants

“I will never forget your words of wisdom; you taught us how to work hard, with a motto and vision for the future. It is because of your meticulous planning and hard work that Popley is what it is today. You inspired us to swim in the lake of dreams and saw to it that we achieved them on our own, instead of spoon-feeding us. Today, I understand how important that is. Thank you for letting us grow and experiment. Also, thank you for easily adapting to change and never imposing your ideas on us. The fact that you cared to listen to our ideas and advised us according to them was the biggest inspiration, pushing us to work hard.”
– Rhea Nasta, jewellery designer at Popley Group

“From you, I learned to be good to people and to be honest and straightforward. I learned all about hard work and perseverance. You taught me good manners. You taught me never to take anything for granted. You taught me that marriage and life could both be very messy, but you have to deal with them anyway. You taught me to work for my dreams rather than expecting things to just fall into my lap.”
– Rashi Maheshwari, PR professional

“You have been my pillar of strength. You embody calmness and are a believer in the phrase ‘live and let live’! You always taught me not to fret when the going gets tough, but to keep moving forward and never to give up! I inherited your personality too, so I’m a lot like you and I realise this with every passing day.”
– Mansi Patel, stylist

“From you, I’ve learnt how to live. You are the superhero who made me what I am and who stood by me and taught me what life was about. A father who raised me like a delicate glass princess, who shouldn’t be hurt, and saw it through dark days in order to give me the best. I couldn’t have asked for more. You groomed a princess into a lady, and now, a businesswoman! You are one man who never lets me see pain or fail, and teaches me how to bring myself happiness. When I walk holding my father’s hand, I feel proud to be his daughter!”
– Masumi Mewawalla, fashion designer

“Right from when I was in school, we have had an unconventional friend-to-friend sort of rapport, rather than the strict father figure type that most kids feared. You (and mom too) were always the first one I could discuss anything with. One of your most amazing traits is the discipline with which you live your life. The biggest life lesson you taught me was that time once gone, will never return. I can set my watch based on your schedule! A love for punctuality and desire to optimise my hours every day comes from you.”
– Aanam Chasmawala, fashion blogger

“You used to say, ‘Whenever you are growing you have to lower your ego, because being egoistic and stubborn will not allow you to succeed. Understand things completely and then work towards them.’ The best thing you taught us was to prepare for the worst. Once you prepare yourself for the worst, you are prepared to face any challenge and that brings out the best in you. You also taught me to take one step at a time while climbing towards my goals and dreams. Today, when people look at me and see my strong personality, all the credit goes to you. Although you are no longer with us, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for being my teacher and my inspiration always.”
– Nandini Jadhav D’rozario, director at Salon Muah

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