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Cooling Off With Chaas

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Mumbai Mix Team speaks to people around the city to find out where you can get the best chaas and brings you a few options you can try out

In this heat, the best way to cool off is to sip on something refreshing. And what better way to do that than with something cooling, natural and healthy — chaas. What’s great about the drink, besides the fact that it’s a healthy alternative to the soft drinks, is that it is available in so many varieties. You can have it plain or salted, with mint, pepper, spices and so much more — there are several different flavours and preparations. And, even though it’s essentially one dish, it can taste so different. This is primarily because the quality of the milk that goes into its making across the city differs greatly. We’ve asked people from around the city where they have had their most cherished glass of the stuff. We also have got a few interesting options you can try out in the summer heat.


So where have you had the best glass of chaas in Mumbai? We asked a few people who live in the city to pick the best buttermilk they’ve had. Here’s what they had to say.

A historic location
Nitin Advani, from Jogeshwari, tells us of when he was shopping in Bandra in the summer sun and stumbled upon a glass of chaas from one of the city’s most famous fast food joints. He says, “I still remember it clearly. It was one of Mumbai’s scorching summers and I was looking for a restaurant to quench my thirst at while I was out shopping with my family. We stopped at Elco and ordered chaas and lassi. The chaas was so refreshing that I almost forgot I had been shopping on the streets of Bandra for two hours! That was definitely the most awesome chaas I’ve had so far.”

Home-made wins
It makes no difference that Mehul Thakkar lives in Dahisar; he had his best glass of chaas in Bandra too. Mehul says, “I had the best chaas of my life at an Aarey Milk stall in Kala Nagar, Bandra East. The unique thing about this particular glass was that the owner was not selling packaged bottles, but homemade buttermilk, which was surprisingly fresh! Most of the chaas that comes in bottles isn’t really fresh by the time you drink it, but I loved it because this was refreshing. I wouldn’t mind going back there again!”

Chaas served differently
Sudhir Jadhav, who lives in Panvel, tells of a unique chaas experience. “I visited a place called Bimal Paratha at CBD Belapur with a few friends, and was curious to see chaas being served in a beer bottle! I was not a huge fan of chaas, but out of pure curiosity, I ended up ordering a bottle — and it was so good that I am officially a fan! Whenever my friends are around the corner, I always recommend that they try this one out,” he tells us.

Trust a dairy
Mehejabin Sharif, a student from KPB Hinduja College, sticks by Multani in Nagpada. And, where better to get a fresh batch than from a dairy? Mehejabin tells us, “Multani is like the oldest milk dairy hotels in South Mumbai — they recently turned 52-years-old. Multani’s chaas is something that I really look forward to during the summer and the best part is the consistency of taste — it tastes exactly the same today as it did 10 years ago.”

Don’t go for the fancy
Much like Sudhir, student Tushar Sharma tells of a humble place for a refreshing bottle of chaas. He says, “The best chaas I’ve had was at Bhagat Tarachand near Chira Bazaar. It’s not a fancy place, but the chaas is the best I’ve had — fresh with not an ounce of sourness! They serve the chaas in a beer bottle, which is quite fascinating! Apart from salt, Bhagat Tarachand doesn’t put anything in their chaas preparations, because some people prefer it that way, but they do serve salt and chaas masala with the drink so that you can use these as per your taste and liking.”

Simplicity wins it all
Kinnari Bothra, from KPB Hinduja College, also gives Bhagat Tarachand chaas a thumbs up, but mentions the outlet in Pydhonie as favourite. She tells us, “The chaas here is one of the best I have ever tasted. The chaas at BT always tastes the same and what I love about it is that it’s never sour. In fact, it tastes like complete curd.”

We’ve picked a few places where you can get a glass of chaas to cool off with this summer

Masala chaas at the Royal Tulip hotel
A nice tall glass of chaas at the Royal Tulip includes jeera powder, green chilli, fresh mint leaves and coriander leaves.
Price Rs 150

Masala Chaas at SpiceKlub
Stay quenched during the summer with a simple glass of chaas from SpiceKlub.
Price Rs 125 (plus taxes)

Jeera Chaas at Spices and Flavours
Spices and Flavours has a masala chaas that’s served with rock salt and jeera. It’s prepared with cumin powder and a pinch of black salt, so it is a great, mildly spiced drink.
Price Rs 89 (plus taxes)

Masala Chaas at Café Cubano
The Masala Chaas at Café Cubano comes from Chef Rakesh Talwar. It’s made with a fresh cup of curd and includes green chilli, coriander, curry leaves, black salt and chaat masala.
Price Rs 120

Chaas at Geoffrey’s
Topped with a sprig of mint and coriander leaves, this chaas at Hotel Marine Plaza will cool you off almost instantly.
Price Rs 272

Chaach at Street Foods by Punjab Grill
Sip on this cooling version of the drink, which is sprinkled with mint leaves and jeera.
Price Rs 89

Masala Buttermilk from Holachef
This soothing drink from Holachef comes from Chef Ramani M V and is seasoned with a mix of spices. It is served in an earthen pot, which adds to its cooling properties.
Price Rs 40

Pudina Chutney Chaas at Spices and Flavours
This drink is made with fresh mint leaves and finely crushed ginger, but it also has jeera powder added in before it is blended into a smooth drink.
Price Rs 89 (plus taxes)

Packaged goodness
You may want to grab some consistent and quality-controlled chaas this summer. So here are the packaged buttermilk options available to you.

Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk
Amul has always been a well-known brand for milk products in general, and this packaged buttermilk remains a favourite for many! With a healthy balance of spices and cream, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!
Price Rs 12

Go Buttermilk by Parag
Another well-known packaged chaas drink is Go Buttermilk, which comes spiced with jeera and ginger to help you cool off on a hot summer afternoon. If you’re a fan of the perfect salted chaas, this should be the one for you.
Price Rs 12

Danone Masala Buttermilk
Even though the price is a little higher than usual for packaged chaas, Danone has a classic masala buttermilk option, often craved for after a heavy meal.
Price Rs 20

Mother Dairy Tadka Chaach
Packed in a cute, trendy bottle, Mother Dairy’s Tadka Chaach is a delicious mix of buttermilk and spices sealed with goodness. With only (a claimed) 18kcal per 100ml, this one is also one of the healthiest of the lot!
Price Rs 15

Nestle’s buttermilk
Interestingly, Nestle’s buttermilk is available in two flavours, one of them mint! Along with that, it is a calorie-friendly option too, as it contains only (a claimed) 17kcal per 100ml.
Price Rs 15

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