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Friday, August 25, 2017

Looking to give your hair a makeover? Pick from the usual, the outrageous and the out-of-the-box colours that Komal Soni brings you

Sometimes all it takes to get a brand new personality is a stunning new shade of hair colour. And not just the boring old blacks, browns and blondes; there’s an entire palette of colours out there for you to try. Check out these spunky shades for a completely fun new look.


Pink is flirty, feminine and dew-fresh. Allow a touch of its rosebud tint to light up your hair — and your eyes. Pink hair, especially a pop pink or bubble gum pink, will put a smile on the face of anyone who crosses your path and add a spring to your step. A flush of petal pink will give you a millennial vibe — and a whole lotta approval. Be prepared though; colouring your hair a shade of blush can be a long procedure. But then, who ever said looking pixie-pretty was easy! Get ready to add some sparkle with your pale pink hair.

Not ginger, nor auburn, try a striking super-bright version of red instead. It’s a happy shade that will draw more than just second glances. It will perk up your persona and add confidence to your stride, turning you into a red hot momma and leaving everyone else green, with envy.

With denim everywhere this season, can blue hair be far behind? In fact, dyeing your hair the shade of your favourite pair of denims is very 2017. And, that semi-distressed pair at that! A gradual, graded blue will give your hair a dash of spunk. Add some streaks of silver to the blue and your hair takes on another exciting new tone — an enigmatic silver blue.


Green is so vivacious that it will make your mane the talking point of any gathering. And there are so many shades to play around with. Forest green, if you’re feeling somber; a deep, jewel-toned, jade green for a luxurious you; neon green to ward off the naysayers; a hushed mint green to highlight your arty side. Go play. Go green.


How drastic is your need for change? It doesn’t get bolder than the colour purple. Colouring your hair purple will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. It’s rebellious, it’s royal and it goes against convention. If that’s your thing, go purple!

If purple is too dramatic for you, have a go at a gentler lilac. This pastel hue will give you a soft yet eye-catching look. You can experiment with the myriad tones of lilac until you hit the shade that’s just right for you. It’s striking, both as a pale, barely-there shade as well as a richer, warmer halo around your head. In fact, lilac with a hint of silver is quite the rage right now.

Rose gold
Rose gold is another shade that everyone’s raving about. It’s pink with a shimmer of gold — a shade that sits somewhere between strawberry blonde and platinum blonde. It’s fresh, it’s now and it’s very, very hip. It can take a long sitting to get this colour right, especially for us dark-haired girls, since it requires lightening your hair first. You could get rosy tips to start with or just jewel-toned highlights.


Grey is for the edgy girl in you. It’s gutsy and sits well on a girl who makes her own rules. If a full head of grey is too much for you, opt for streaks of grey that draws attention to your chic quotient without overwhelming you or those around you.

Gold is passé. Silver is the new definition of cool. It’s granny hair with a sleek fashionable twist. Silver mixed with other shades can also make heads turn. Nothing says off-beat louder than silver hair. If that’s who you want to be, then go fearlessly silver.

Mermaid blue
Want to go flashy? Try a brighter hue of blue. Actually, hues of blue! A mix of the many shades of blue — from navy to aqua blue and turquoise — mermaid blue will give your look an instant pick-me-up. And the best part? You can pull off this crazy colour no matter what your skin tone. Start some conversations and shake things up if you will with mermaid blue. 

Other than silver, grey and rose gold, two hues from the metallic hair family that girls who love to experiment must try are copper and bronze — that’s a mix of red and bronze for the uninitiated. These hot shades will up your funky quotient and leave many an awestruck onlooker in its wake. Let the roots show for some extra cool girl credentials.


Mix ‘em up

What’s better than one new superlative shade for your crown? Multiple shades! Blues and greens. Purple and pink. Blues, greens, purple, pink and silver. Your hair’s yours to play with. Get dramatic. Mix up the tones!

Split hair

Dare to add some punk to the drama? Try the split hair dye trend — or half and half — in which you dye one half of your hair one colour, and the other an entirely different colour. Black on one side, white on the other. Or a delicate pink and silver. Looking to glam up your look? Go wild with red and black.


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