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Friday, December 01, 2017

Colour is generally a beautiful thing, but when it comes to makeup, the opposite is seen as true and brightness is toned down. Trisha Ghoroi tells you how to try colourful makeup so that it doesn’t look gaudy or tacky

Thinking about colourful makeup may give you a flashback of your teenage years… (Don’t worry; we won’t make you revisit that traumatic ear.) As an adult, you don’t want unicorn or fairytale makeup; rocking colourful makeup requires precision and a careful selection of colours. If you’re too scared to try anything other than black eye liner and red lipstick, these tips will make experimenting with colour makeup easy.

Other than eye shadow, black is the predominant colour in eye makeup, and whether with eye liner, kohl or mascara, we rarely ditch our favourite black. But, different colours are coming into the beauty sphere and we see beauty bloggers posting beautiful looks in a variety of colours. Trying different colours can be a bit overwhelming at first, and so you need some practice to master the balance.

Eye liner
A black eye liner defines your lash line and makes your eyes look bigger. On the other hand, a coloured liner adds a touch of fun and drama to your eyes but only if you choose the colour properly. Dark shades, especially those close to black, are a safe way to experiment. If you are a fan of blue and want to try blue liner, choose electric blue or navy blue instead of a pretty light blue. For a fun look, apply a thick line of coloured liner and a thin black liner over it on your lash line. This is a nice look for a party.

Long, black and thick eyelashes are what the industry defines as beautiful, but other colours can work too. Adding colour to your eyelashes is even trickier since they are a 3D element and stick out. It is safe to pick darker colours here too. A nifty trick is to colour your lashes with the same shade as your eye shadow. If you are looking for a more subtle way to bring out your look, use coloured mascara only at the tips of your lashes. Blue, green and purple are safe shades; even a light coat of gray glitter mascara will lift your look.

Eye shadow
This is where you can get creative, so before we get started, chuck away your smoky palette if you want to add some colour into your look.

Instagram is full of makeup artists experimenting with bright shades like orange, yellow and pink. For a bold eye look, go for a teal colour or a beautiful shade of electric blue. These are the kind of colours with which you can pair the same shade of mascara to tie your look together. But, if you’re wearing a bright eye shadow, stick to a black eyeliner and mascara so that you look like a teenager.

This requires the most work, including the prepping, priming and contouring. But, after you’ve gone through these steps, it’s time to add some fun to your look. Blush and lipstick are the best way to add colour and drama. But, the subtle blush colour, which the beauty industry insists on, isn’t going to cut it.

Blush can be a bit tricky to use and you have to nail the shade. You may have a preference, but it’s the shade of your skin that determines how much you can experiment with blush. But a new trend is here to help you spread your wings — the blush bomb. If you want to try this trend, apply blush on the upper part of your cheek and continue to the sides of your temples. On the way, it must merge with your eye shadow. Opt for a bright colour, one that is easily visible on your skin or blend colours to create your own shade. This eye-catching look puts the spotlight on you. Complete the look with black liner and mascara and some nude lip colour.

Lip colour
The nude trend is on its way out and colours are back in, and with some really vibrant shades! Dark lip colour is the latest trend right now and there is so much that you can do with it. One of the most daring looks includes using different shades with black. Apply the colour at the centre of your lips and black at the edges, and blend them properly for dramatic effect.

L’Oréal Lip Paint Matte

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