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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

If you can’t sleep because you’re worried, anxious or plagued by nightmares, Jeet Dalvi has a décor option that’s just perfect for you. Take a look at why you should be adding dreamcatchers to your space

A dreamcatcher is something you can hang over your bed to keep scary monsters out and bad dreams at bay, but it’s also really pretty, so we’re definitely on board with its emergence as a home accessory. It originated in Native American culture and is traditionally made of a willow loop (a type of tree with slender branches that are easy to twist into shapes), with webbing in the middle and trinkets tacked on. Some Native American cultures held the belief that good dreams go through the dreamcatcher’s web while bad dreams become hopelessly tangled in it, where they perish at the first light of dawn. It was also believed that hanging a dreamcatcher above children’s beds would block out negative energy and allow for a good night’s sleep. It has an elegant charm and because of the fact that it is made with different materials and is available in different colours and styles, it’s easy to see why it’s such a décor favourite. Even if you don’t need to keep bad dreams at bay, you should be excited about bringing this piece of art into your home. Get inspired by our favourite picks.

Dreamcatcher diaries
Although there are many variations, the basic form of a dreamcatcher remains more or less the same — a small, circular piece that is fashioned from wood and tied with sinew or thread to resemble a web with a small hole in the middle. Strings or sinews are tied at several points along the rim, and depending on how many strings are tied to the dreamcatcher, each with feathers and beads attached, the ornament has different meanings, as follows:

  •  13 points: The 13 phases of the moon
  •  8 points: The number of legs on the spider woman of the dreamcatcher legend
  •  7 points: The seven prophecies of the grandfathers
  •  6 points: An eagle or courage
  •  5 points: The stars

Old charm

Called the Dream Catcher Spirit Chime, this piece is detailed with a comforting white and brown themed web and has a touch of Native American craft in its design. If you like vintage décor, pick up this one from for Rs 1,225.

Black out the bad
They say that black absorbs heat and negative energy, and so does this elegant, gothic dreamcatcher. You can even hang this on a wall in another room — if you’re not averse to black accessories, of course. Pick it up from for Rs 315.

White smoke
White represents positive things, but that’s not the only reason we love this dreamcatcher. The Daedal dreamcatcher is simply designed, but thanks to its feathery tassels and five rings, is looks stunning. Get it on for Rs 850.

Nursery décor
If you own a garden and dream of adorning it with a large ornament, you may want this hand-crafted dreamcatcher with white and gold beads. It is a little pricey at Rs 9,449, and you will have to pay more for shipping from, but it’s already on our wishlist!

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