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Bust That Blister

Friday, June 24, 2016

Know More: Prevent Runners’ Blisters

Oh no, not again! Anindra Siqueira brings you an ingenious way to combat the annoying blisters that you’re most likely to face if you love running

The problem with running, especially long distances or regularly, is that you are more prone to developing blisters on your feet. Marathoners face this the most, as do people who like to run a few times a week. So, what do you do to combat these annoying, and potentially race-ending blisters, and is there a way to prevent them?

Well, doctors say that there is a super simple solution to prevent such blisters from forming — surgical tape. The cheap paper kind that’s used to hold gauze in place. A study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine found that surgical tape was a cheap and simple alternative to expensive (and, for the most part, ineffective) lubricants, powders, sprays and adhesive pads.

Lead author Grant Lipman, an emergency medicine doctor at Stanford Health Care, says that even after decades of research about blister prevention, he failed to come up with a cheap and effective solution. He says that he heard that surgical tape might work, so his team enlisted 128 ultramarathoners for a trial. Surgical tape was applied to one of the runners’ feet at random during RacingThePlanet, a 155-mile, six-stage ultramarathon. According to the study, 98 of the 128 runners did not develop blisters under the tape. However, 81 of the 128 got blisters in the areas that weren’t taped. The researchers concluded that because the tape was so smooth, it decreased friction and rubbing (and shear stress) on the skin that lies just underneath the tape.

It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

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