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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A beautiful accessory that will add a little life to any area of your home, pendant lighting is a charming décor option. Pearl Mathias tells you how to incorporate it in your abode

Pendant lights, a rather versatile style of lighting, have quite recently gained popularity in our households. It’s pretty and easy to style, so it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t be a widely used accessory to brighten up a space. While lighting is one of the most important factors in a home, the use of good quality speaks (read: emits) volumes as well. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect ambience lighting or task lighting, or you simply want to add a decorative touch to your space, you can choose from the varied options that pendant lighting offers. However, first read on to find out a little more about how you can incorporate it into your home.

Although there are several options when it comes to the colour and design of the pendant lighting, it’s important to remember the purpose of it. This will help you to choose your lighting fixtures better.

Task lighting
The primary purpose of task lighting, as the name suggests, is to illuminate a task area — the bar, a kitchen island or even your desk at work. If you want to create an air with task lighting in a particular area, simply add a dimmer to your pendant lights.

Ambient lighting
This type of pendant lighting is usually used in foyers and open-spaced rooms in order to add a more decorative and artistic appeal to the area. This type of lighting is even more attractive when it’s styled with long wires running across the wall. Use blown glass, fabric and colourful stained-glass effects with your pendant lighting to create structural artwork and set the perfect ambiance at the same time.

Decorative lighting
Pendant lighting is at the forefront of home décor, and they are mostly used solely for their decorative aesthetics. Lighting in the shape of a flower or beautifully crafted pieces are now used more for show rather than simply to produce light.

Whether you’re trying to illuminate your dining table or light up a balcony, pendant lights will find a place in any room. “Pendant lighting is a simple way to achieve a more modern, stylish and contemporary look. Unlike fixed light sources, this lighting system can be suspended over any space in your home and could be moved or re-positioned with just a few minor adjustments,” says Kunal Mehta, co-founder of the interior decor brand, Kanchi.

Over a table
Depending on whether you’re using this as task lighting or ambient lighting (or both), where you place it is extremely important. The recommended height to hang a pendant above a table is about 28 to 32 inches, but it can be hung slightly higher or lower depending on your preference, the size and how high your ceiling is.

In the hallway
Fixtures hung in the doorway or hallway add an element of drama to your space, casting a myriad of shadows along it. If you have a long corridor, you could hang a series of fixtures to create a classy look. Remember to position your fixture correctly on high ceilings in order to keep the light focused on the area below. “Metallic colours such as rose gold and champagne are in vogue. These colours help beautify the overall setting and if they’re used strategically — such as by hanging them from a high ceiling or to highlight any part of the house — can enhance the appearance of your interiors,” Kunal says.

Above an island
When we talk about pendant lighting, the first thing that comes to mind is the kitchen. Fixtures on the kitchen island are a great way to provide task lighting and also to enhance the décor of the space.

By your bed
Pendant fixtures are also used in lieu of bedside table lamps. It’s a great way to add lighting when there’s not enough space to place a table beside your bed. Not to mention, it sets the mood just right.

In the bathroom
Pendants lights hung on the sides and above the mirror is a good alternative to traditional lighting. However, make sure that they’re built for damp rooms. Hang them low enough to focus light on the area and high enough to avoid walking into them.

A simple form of lighting, pendant lights have come a long way over the past few years. From a typical upside-down hanging lamp, pendant lighting has now become a fad. Yukta Mathur, editor at, gives us tips to use pendant lighting.

  •  Instead of buying one large chandelier and hanging it over your dining table, use spaced out pendant lights for a trendier look. This will also allow the light to be more evenly spread across the table. All your curries and breads will get equal attention!
  •  When you’re looking for lighting to accentuate things like sculptures or work desks, medium to low hanging pendant lighting is your best bet. It can act as a spotlight to a specific object.
  •  The length of the cord can also define the purpose of the light since the throw of light changes with the height at which it is hung. So, make sure you choose the right length.
  •  Kitchen counters often need focused lighting and pendant lights have been used for a while now. But, instead of using the typical inverted cone type of pendant lights, try more contemporary ones, especially if your kitchen has an inset dining area too.
  •  For a more creative look, create a mix and match of patterns and colours comprising of different styles of pendant lights in your living room. This will add more character to your space and bring out your creative side too.


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