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Monday, September 05, 2016

Why, you ask? Well, for one, you spend much more time in there than you think. So, Pearl Mathias brings you a couple of ways to add some fun to the otherwise utilitarian space

When you think about re-decorating, we’re sure that your primary focus will be your bedroom, living room and kitchen. They’re the most obvious spots, and places where you think you spend most of your time. The bathroom, however, is often unfairly neglected, even though we spend a lot of our time here, freshening up, putting our makeup on and taking long showers. And, if you’ve got guests at home, they’re definitely going to visit this room, if not the others! So, why not make it look as presentable as you can? If you haven’t already, here are a couple of things you could add to your bathroom in order to spruce it up a bit.

Storage stories
Instead of stuffing brightly coloured towels into large cabinets, why not place them on open shelves? This will add a little colour to your space as well as eliminate the need for any extra furniture. You could also use colourful storage ladders that are helpful for when you want to stack soaps and oils. And, if you have the space, you could add some wooden crates to your décor, either by fixing them to the wall or placing them in corners for more accessible storage.

Colour matters
When you’re planning a new paint job for your bathroom, remember to focus on the colour palette. Using too many colours and elements will take away from the calmness that you want when relaxing in the bathroom. Use neutral textures and patterns to add a burst of creativity to your walls. An alternative is adding pops of colour — hang up pretty towels and robes, place stylish soap dishes on the counter or give the frame of your mirror a more vibrant hue.

Add detail
The key to a beautiful counter is to love everything that you can see on it. Keep things minimalistic when they’re out in the open. You may want to store your beauty products in cabinets, on a tray table beside the sink, in pretty containers or even a tray that you can place on top of the flush tank. Another way to de-clutter your bathroom without adding too many storage elements is by introducing baskets. They’re super cute, keep things hidden and add a lovely texture to a minimalistic space. Placing a lone glass bottle with a plant in it on top of your counter is also a good way to add detail without going overboard.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Antique mirrors add an interesting character to a room and since they are likely to take up most of your space, we suggest picking a really good one. We love round styles in particular. However, if you already have a mirror, add some detailing to the borders or paint them to match the cabinets and complement your walls.

The extras
Doing laundry is no fun, but you could make storing it more interesting by investing in an attractive laundry bin! Pick a small one that can be placed under the sink and add some colourful bathroom mats to the area. Drill some attractive hooks and pegs into the walls to hang your towels and clothes on. Shower curtains are also extremely important, because when you’re in there, there’s not much else you can look at. Choose from pastels, flower patterns and bold hues — the options available are endless. Repurpose glass jars to hold your essentials, and saucers to hold soap and jewellery.

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