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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

That’s the tagline of the recently launched eatery in Versova, Genuine Broaster Chicken. And, life’s too short to eat bad chicken, Pearl Mathias realised during her visit

If the name Genuine Broaster Chicken instantly reminds you of a fast food chain for fried chicken, you’re not the only one. But, we’re not complaining because there’s always room for good chicken in the city. One glance at their elaborate menu and you know that there’s much more in store here though. Let me begin with what I loved the most — apart from the food, that is. The interiors scream American from floor to ceiling. Exposed brick walls, portraits of classical American artists, football helmets hanging from the ceiling and stools painted in the colours of the American flag.

Seating space is ample and extremely comfortable, making this the ideal place for a meet-up with your friends, family or even for date night. The lighting is mellow and the music isn’t so loud that you’re struggling to have a conversation, but it’s not so soft that the brilliant playlist goes unappreciated.

We were asked what we’d like to begin our meal with and the Broaster Chicken (Rs 179 for 6 pieces) was our unanimous answer. We were brought a platter of their fried chicken styles that included the Broaster Chicken, which left us spell-bound. The chicken was so light and flavourful with zero trace of oil. The Happy Fried Chicken (Rs 179) was a dish by Chef Harpal and was made with a secret marinade and served with a curry mango dip. For those with a liking for something spicy, we suggest you try the Hot Masala Chicken (Rs 179), made with an in-house hot marinade and covered with a crispy Cajun coat. We then tried the Firangi Palak Paneer Dip (Rs 179) which included grilled Pita bread and a creamy spinach cheese dip with soft paneer chunks, and although it was a little unusual, we loved how it tasted. We also had Anna’s Chicken Idli (Rs 179) — it’s a non-vegetarian’s dream. Served with coconut mint chutney, we wouldn’t mind having these delicious treats for breakfast. Next, we tried the Smoked Bbq Chicken Franchos (Rs 199), which included crispy French fries with a smoked barbeque-hickory glaze, crunchy onions and a hint of tangy jalapeños. It looks sort of like a masala papad at first glance, only with fries instead. This could easily be a hit or miss with foodies.

Next up, we moved on to their burgers, which were the most exciting part of our meal. We were first brought the Lamp Rogan Josh Burger (Rs 279), which was another chef’s special and had a delicious boneless lamb patty in between pink burger bread. Yes, pink! We are only just getting used to black burgers and now this pretty colour has made its way into our food as well. It’s super healthy too, since it’s made with beetroot. Next, we had the Palak Paneer Burger (Rs 199), which we were very reluctant to try at first, but were clearly proved wrong about with our very first bite. The patty tastes nothing like the gravy you’re imagining and was one of the best vegetarian burgers I’ve had to date. This is a definite must-try. Another fancy burger we were served was the Chicken Jong Lee (Rs 219), which put a Chinese twist on the American comfort food. It was packed with a spicy chicken patty, schezwan mayo and noodles, which accentuated the flavour and instantly transported you to a Chinese restaurant. While going through the menu, you realise that although this brand is America’s popular chicken brand, they’ve tried to make it Indian friendly so it suits every kind of palate. The Begum Fries (Rs 209) and Penne Punjabi (Rs 279) are also dishes you wouldn’t ordinarily comprehend on a fast-food menu.

We tried the Chicken Ghotala Khichdi (Rs 299), which has a vegetarian variant as well. It was a wholesome meal with juicy chicken chunks, kheema and egg strips mixed in rice. We also tried the Paneer Maskedaar Gravy (Rs 249), which included soft paneer cubes in rich gravy, served with butter parathas on the side. We were stuffed by the time we put the last morsel of paratha in our mouths, but one glance at the dessert menu and we couldn’t resist ordering the Gulkand Muffin (Rs 159), which was a soft, melt-in-the-mouth muffin with a delicious gulkand filling. But, what stole the show was the Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice cream (Rs 139), specifically because the rich, flavourful Alphonso mango ice cream is prepared in-house throughout the year and the mini chocolate samosas (yes, you read that right!) complemented the ice cream perfectly.

Although they hadn’t received their alcohol permit when we visited, given that it was only the second day of the launch, their drinks didn’t fail to impress. The Bulbul Soda (Rs 120) was made of bubbly orange with a hint of salted caramel. We also tried the Palang Tod (Rs 180), a virgin avatar of the Jagerbomb, topped with red bull — it’s the perfect drink for an all-nighter. They serve Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows (Rs 130), the thought of which perked us up instantly. However, we decided to save that for another visit. The Tarbuj Cola (Rs 120) was another delicious concoction we instantly took a liking to and it went so easily with everything we ate. Sipping on these drinks took us back to a time when we relished the orange and cola drinks from the local gola walas, and it was a real treat from the usual cocktails and mocktails you find on restaurant menus. If you thought ordering milkshakes while having a heavy meal was a bad idea, their Salted Caramel (Rs 130) will change your opinion. The drink was extremely light and packed with flavour. And, although you know it’s a milkshake, the taste works well to make you believe otherwise.

Genuine Broaster Chicken gets a double thumbs up from us. The beautiful interiors, interesting menu and delightful drinks make this the perfect spot at which to grab a meal at any time of the day. There’s something for every palate in here. Vegetarians, don’t be put off by the word chicken in the name — some of their vegetarian dishes easily surpass the chicken options. It’s easy to expect an eatery like this to price their dishes heftily, but they surprise you once again with their extremely pocket-friendly rates throughout the menu.

Where Shop 1 and 2, Tirupati Tower, Opposite Thakkar Sweets, Versova, Andheri (w)

Meal for two Rs 800

Contact 8291002847

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