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Friday, December 30, 2016

From celebrities to the stars of street style, everyone is rocking patches this season! Purva Indulkar tells you how to nail the ’90s trend

We love patches. Not only are they stylish and add an artistic flair to your dull jackets and bags, but they are also the most customisable trend of the year. Want to wear a batch of cartoon doughnuts on your army green jacket? Go ahead! How about a spaceship patch on one corner of your baby blue dress? That’s quite an interesting look! You can use the trend to show off the looks you love, and also have some fun with your daily outfits. Take a look at why you should jump on the patch bandwagon and learn how to master the trend.

Patch on point
Patches are basically embroidered pieces of cloth that have a funky print, vibrant colour combinations or interesting graphics or symbols on them. Simply stitch them on to your clothing — a white cotton shirt, a rustic leather jacket, a satin bomber jacket or the corduroy trousers that you wear every day — to add a dramatic flair to your outfit. If you’re not good at using a needle (and you can’t stitch to save your life), you can also try iron-on patches. These are adhesive patches that can be stuck on to any fabric using an iron. Too lazy to DIY? Buy an outfit with some patchwork on them... you can’t tell the difference.

What a patch
Styling patches can be tricky. It’s easy to go overboard in excitement and ruin a perfectly good garment. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re buying or styling patches.

  •  Get creative: There’s a good variety of patches to choose from, which includes those with words, slogans, logos, cartoons and more. Pick whatever seems interesting to you; don’t worry about whether or not they go along with each other, because you don’t have to use them to use them together.
  •  Wear what you love: This is your chance to proudly display your favourite things, so don’t shy away from obvious-fangirl situations. Go for patches of your favourite bands, books, films, places or feminist icons and sport a slice of your personality on your sleeve.
  •  Experiment: While most people try stitching patches to their outerwear try going beyond the norms and pick unique garments. Formal blazers, solid-coloured jumpsuits, tiny clutches, sling bags and even stylish caps are all fair game.

Want to try out a patch or two? We tell you how you can sew them on to your denim.

  •  Choose an item of clothing in your wardrobe to which you want to add some pizzazz or sparkle.
  •  Pick patches that you like. You can throw in all the things you love, select a theme or use one giant patch on an outfit.
  •  Once you’ve settled on which patches you want, position them on your clothing and try out different patterns and interesting combinations.
  •  Secure them with a dab of fabric glue.
  •  When the glue is dry, stitch them on to the garment, holding the patch taut against the fabric.
  •  It’s best to experiment with an old or damaged garment. You don’t want to ruin a brand-new denim jacket with kitschy patterns, do you?

To kick-start your love affair with patches, we bring you a few of our favourites

Slam Junk
You are what you eat, so show off your love for greasy, oily, junk food with this funky pack of four patches from, available for Rs 450.

Mix madness
This batch from for Rs 544, which has patches for everything from cats to planets, is perfect if you want to sport a bit of variety.

Be a wizard
Our inner fangirl has been let out over the latest Fantastic Beasts film, so sporting a patch of our Hogwarts House is a must! Buy this set from for Rs 2,295 and show off your house pride.

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