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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

There aren’t many who would be able to pass by a café dedicated to chocolate and not step in to check it out. Khevna Pandit visits The Chocolate Heaven in Borivali to see what sets this unique café apart

My affair with chocolate is a long, inexplicable one, and so, the words ‘Chocolate Heaven’ set my imagination alight until I finally set foot in the quaint, adorable café. It was a cool, rainy evening when we landed up at the café, and were astounded to find the brightly illuminated neon sign staring at our faces. You just can’t miss the place!

Situated on a corner, the café may seem tiny, but is surprisingly spacious inside. With raw brick walls for its interiors and graffiti-covered walls contributing to its youthful vibe, we felt warm and fuzzy the instant we stepped in. For a space that’s not so large, The Chocolate Heaven manages to have two booths lined up one after the other. We fell in love with the rain on our windowpane and couldn’t wait to start flipping through their menu.

Chocolate, chocolate... everywhere!
Quite naturally, the menu started off with a long list of waffles (as many as 15 types), and an array of toppings to choose from. Apart from that, they also have a scrumptious range of pancakes and six types of hot chocolate on their menu. Unsure of what to pick, we decided to call for a sundae.

While there was a wide selection, we opted for the steeply priced Waffle Tower (Rs 400) to get the best of both worlds. It was stacked up in a plastic tube, and once we lifted the tube, the dessert came crumbling down in a gooey, chocolaty pile. Apart from chocolate (duh!), the waffles were accompanied by ice cream as well as fresh fruits such as banana and grapes, and even nuts and rice crisps. It was a meal in itself, and we couldn’t help but lick every bit of it from our plate; however, we still think it was priced a little steep for a sundae.

Dessert in a glass
What’s a visit to a chocolate café without milkshakes? We were excited to see these on the menu and decided to order the Oreo Cookie Shake (Rs 185) and an M&M Shake (Rs 185). However, some of our excitement was lost because we had to wait quite a while for the milkshakes. We weren’t sure whether it was an operational issue or some other hang up, but the wait was agonising. The milkshakes arrived at our table after almost a half hour wait, but we loved them. Although not as thick and indulgent as we had imagined, they had just the right amount of sweetness and were loaded with bits and pieces of cookies. But, a part of us did feel like something was amiss. Nevertheless, it was still chocolate!

Main course
It’s funny to think of a main course in a chocolate café, but we definitely needed some sort of a palate cleanser towards the end of our chocolaty indulgence. So we called for a Paneer Tikka Pizza (Rs 320). Crispy, and loaded with traditional Indian masalas, this spicy delight will provide a respite from all the sweetness. We haven’t had a pizza as spicy as this in a while!

We also called for a helping of Grande Nachos (Rs 250). The nachos weren’t exactly ‘grande’, and seemed almost as if they were ordinary Cornitos sprinkled with cheese, tomatoes and salsa dressing. And, while we really wanted to try their tempting cheese fondue, we thought of giving it a miss as the service ended up becoming terribly slow by the end of our evening.

All in all, we loved how dessert takes a front seat at this adorable little café. However, we can’t help but feel like the food required a little brushing up. If you’re a die-hard chocolate fan, you should visit on a lazy weekday afternoon to make sure the service doesn’t disappoint. We have high hopes from this one!

Where: Shop 7, Silver Arch CHS, Opposite Soni Tower, Kalpana Chawla Chowk, Borivali (w)

Meal for two: Rs 800

Alcohol served: No

Contact: 30151750

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