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NDA’s cruel joke on citizens of India

Friday, June 01, 2018

The decision of the Narendra Modi-led NDA government to cut the petrol and fuel prices after 15 days of rise by 1 paise is a cruel joke on the people of India who are already suffering for last four years since the day the Modi government has come to power in 2014. The increase in fuel prices have pushed up cost of all the essential commodities and have put tremendous pressure on the common people who are suffering in day to day life and are struggling. They have become beggars under the dictatorial Modi government who will have to pay very heavy political price in 2019 general elections when the angry people of this country will teach them a very strong lesson by rejecting them totally to wipe them out from the political map of the country, for making a mess of the country in all sectors. It is high time the people of India should oppose this insult of 1 paise cut in the fuel prices and protest to pull down this useless and inefficient government which does not deserve to rule this country.
— Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai

Heavily 'weighed down' by the NPAs approximately, Rs.1.1 trillion (lakh crore) the banking sector is said to be in 'dire straits with no tangible signs of recovery' in the near future. The bank interest rates have been steadily reduced by this BJP government, in four years from 9.5% to 6.75% on Fixed Deposits (FDs) and the banks have been charging heavily on each and every so-called service like issue of cheques, ATM usage et al, that one will lose count. When the government announced 'Demonetisation' during 2016 November, the people, irrespective of their ages were put to hardships beyond words mainly because of the way the 'clueless' banks ill-treated their customers instead of guiding them. It is a stark fact that with the customers' precious money the banks have been getting their salaries and leading their lives comfortably. Their salaries have been hiked a number of times reasonably well. Of late, their services have hit the rick-bottom as the customers are all the time in a confused state of mind and especially the senior citizens as the ATMs often run dry or the banks are not having sufficient money or the systems malfunction to name a few. Taking stock of the realities and the way the huge loans have been granted to merchants without collateral back-up caring two hoots for the hard-earned tax-payers' retirement benefits their strike derives no sympathy at all but should be condemned. Banks being the financial nerve-line of the country, the 'fiscal discipline of the highest order' is required to be maintained by the banks which brooks no variance/exemption. The government should take disciplinary action against the striking bank employees as the strike is tantamount to blackmailing the nation, that too, not for a day but for two successive days. This is the limit. It is long overdue to call their bluffs and blusters and put an end to their whims and fancies at customers' cost.
— T.M. Uday Shankar, Hyderabad.

As reported, various parties with different ideas and ideologies have tried to join together with single motto: remove BJP. The question arises why? Have they got jealous of BJP's success, performances and achievements while they could do nothing when they were in power, which was full of scams and scandals when they had opportunity to prove themselves. Now, the question arises, are Indian voters  stupid or wise and matured? BJP cannot be blamed for their success and rise as, they have not come by themselves to power but, with support of Indian voters who expressed faith and confidence in  BJP. So, when you censure or criticise you are questioning the wisdom and intelligence of voters. Opposition parties have not come out with plans and suggestions to improve conditions in India. Their only slogan is, remove BJP, without any reason. They have nothing to offer, thus it proves them to be stupid and selfish. Thus, the demand of opposition parties indicates only frustration and desperation and their failure to perform.
—S.P. Sharma, Mumbai

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