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Karnataka events a blot on democracy

Friday, May 25, 2018

The events in Karnataka are a blot on democracy and an insult to the people. A post electoral alliance is ultra vires the mandate of the people who would have voted differently had alliances been announced before the elections. What is now happening is that elections are convenient ruse to get millions of people out of the way and then the elected representatives trade horses to form a “stable” government and take the people for a ride by earning the right to loot for five years. So first – no post electoral alliances. In fact in a hung house let us go for another fresh election. This itself will ensure pre-electoral alliances and a majority voted by the people. A post electoral alliance is just a chance for political blackmail. The will of the people is more important than the desires of the elected representatives. Herein lies the winning strategy for the BJP for 2019. Get the President to announce that only pre-electoral alliances will be called to form the government. That will put an end to the so-called Mahagatbandhan of the opposition, where each leader’s ego will ensure that no consensus on seat sharing will emerge. This is justifiable as a democracy is the will of the people and the people have the right to know alliances before the election so that the mandate correctly represents their will. Such a provision needs to be woven into our laws to ensure that democracy remains in the hands of millions, who cannot be bribed, and not in the hands of 550 cunning politicos or so.
T.R. Ramaswami, Kandivli

The formation of the Janata Dal (S)-Congress coalition government in Karnataka gave a platform for a host of non-BJP leaders from across the country to look ahead at the 2019 general election. The swearing-in of H.D. Kumaraswamy provided an opportunity for regional satraps to explore the possibility of forging a broader alliance including Congress and Left parties ahead of the Lok Sabha elections to take on the BJP steered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah. Leaders of regional parties sinking their differences at least for the moment. For the first time in many years, a host of national and regional leaders, including former Congress president Sonia Gandhi and present party president Rahul Gandhi, were in Bengaluru. The diverse parties, a few of them an offshoot of the erstwhile Janata Party, have decided to form a broader alliance. A similar unity was formed against Indira Gandhi and the Congress in 1977 and again against the Congress in 1989. With this there is possible danger to BJP in  2019 in which they will be defeated and will be thrown out from power.
Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai

Kashmir crsis has become very old, so much so, that politicians and others have forgotten basics, including Pakistan. Thus the question arises what is the Kashmir crisis. So, it is worthwhile to go for the basics. Maharaja Hari Singh signed the treaty with India to join India like many other princely states. Pakistan invaded Kashmir and wants to snatch away Kashmir. He sent army as Rajakars. We fought but Pt.Nehru was too eager to go to UNO from Kashmir much against the wishes of Vallabhai Patel who said please wait for one week more as we are already winning the war. But, Pt Nehru did not agree as he wanted to make his sister Pt. Vijaya Lakshmi the UNO secretary.

UNO passed the resolution to stop war and further said that Pakistan should withdraw forces too. As reported, Mr. Yeddyurappa resigned with grace, dignity and honour and though it was the largest party, was not sufficient to form the government. On the contrary much smaller parties combined together in post poll alliance when they were fighting fiercely each other before polls. Now we have Congress and JDS. Congress, which was once a great national party has dwindled very much so much so, that they cannot stand or fight alone but require crutches in the form of other parties to sustain and stand. We cannot forget Congress which had imposed emergency and there was multitple scams and scandals in UPA I & UPA II regime. BJP has proved that it is well behaved and disciplined party and are not hungry for power alone, like other parties. We are hopeful of much better results in 2019. Thus now, may God save Karnataka!
S.P. Sharma, Mumbai

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