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Top 5 ways to: treat indigestion naturally

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1. Chamomile tea
It’s one of the best natural remedies for indigestion. It calms an upset stomach and helps get rid of nausea. It also warms up the body, which soothes from the inside out. Ahhh!

2. Vanilla ice cream
This little remedy is sure to excite those with a sweet tooth. A cup of plain vanilla ice cream can soothe a burning tummy and cool you down. If you’re worried about the calories, opt for a glass of chilled milk.

3. Holy Basil

Basil, or tulsi, is an instant remedy. You can boil the leaves and drink the water with a little honey, or simply just chew on tulsi leaves. Either way, it promises relief… fast.

4. Lemon

Add a spoonful of lemon juice, one spoonful of ginger and two spoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Mix them well and drink as soon as feelings of indigestion occur.

5. Exercise

You may be in no mood to exercise, but a little physical activity can ease indigestion. While we don’t suggest running or rigorous workouts, try yoga or gentle stretching for relief.

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