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The cure from within

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Homeopathy acknowledges the supreme healing potential of our human body, says Dr. Jui Deshpande

Have you realised that each one of us is blessed with the greatest miracle on earth? Our own ‘human body’. It is a full-fledged, active, self-sustainable system which seems so simple that we don’t even notice it, yet it’s so wise and complicated! We should never underestimate how brilliant our body truly is; you don’t have to give any instructions or feed any data.  It just goes on… from the tiniest of cells to all major vital organs—they go about doing their work 24x7. Wear and tear, repairs, regeneration, healing, everything just happens simultaneously. To understand this concept better, let’s look at this example:

What happens when you have stomach infection or some food poisoning?

  • Your appetite goes low.
  • Your body throws out already ingested/eaten food in form of vomiting or loose motions.
  • You may have fever.

What is happening here? You don’t feel like eating as your stomach needs to concentrate on removing the infection and not be burdened by excess food, Toxins are getting ejected out through vomit/motions.

Fever is an increase in the body temperature due to infection, which  kills certain bacteria and viruses that cannot survive at a high temperature. Fever also indicates that something abnormal is happening inside our body.

Isn't it wonderful?
Homeopathy acknowledges this supreme healing potential of our human body and helps it to heal by itself from within.

  • How does this happen?
  • Why do homeopaths ask so many questions?
  • Can my backache / cough medicine be given to my son too as he has the exact same problem?
  • What is the connection between my fears or dreams and my physical problem?
  • Why does homeopathic consultation take so much time?

To get all these questions answered let us first understand:

What is homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a system of medicine discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann based on the principle of ‘Similia  Similibus Curanter’ or Like Cures Like.’

Homeopathy looks at each and every person as a unique individual and a whole being. For example, if you have asthma, are only your lungs sick? Is that the only part affected and is the rest of you at a happy place? Definitely not! You, as an entire human being, are considered as sick. Not your kidneys, brain, heart, lungs, liver skin, glands, bones… these are a part of you but cannot be defined as you. Hence it is important for a homeopath to understand how you think, feel, perceive, sense, react, dream, your fears and everything that makes you a whole individual that gives you your identity, your uniqueness.

Thus you are = your body+concious self [mind] + subconcious self [fears, dreams].

Any form of disease is an outward manifestation of some internal or innermost disturbance. The disease will be visible to us

  • when the body is inadequate to heal on its own
  • external help is required to get rid of the underlying problem.  

The homeopath after knowing you, understanding you, and uncovering the mask of your appearance, selects that unique medicine which is like or similar to your essence or energy pattern. This unique homeopathic medicine will stimulate your own healing mechanism or immune system, thereby helping you to heal by yourself and eradicate the disease.

How does a homeopath understand an individual?
This is exactly why homeopaths ask so many questions or they want to know so much “bit more” about you. From a simple cold to complex cancer, our approach remains the same. The mission or aim is to understand you , your individuality, hence they will ask you about your disease, past illness, your nature, fears, dreams, things that make you sad/angry/irritable. All this helps in selection of the right medicine [similimum] which will help to cure from within. This is why your medicine cannot be distributed to anyone else in the family. Each one will have their own!

How long does homeopathic treatment take?
This depends on various factors:

  • Type of your disease
  • How long/ duration of time you are suffering from it
  • Your age
  • Overall health

These are some of the things that determine your response to the homeopathic medicine. Most likely, the recent disease will be eradicated faster and chronic age-old longstanding disease will take its own time to heal the underlying imbalance.

What changes can you expect during homeopathic treatment?
A number of changes will occur after the right homeopathic medicine. Many patients experience a feeling of well-being, positivity and increased energy levels. Some might not experience drastic changes in the beginning but everyone receiving the right homeopathic medicine will slowly but surely start noticing subtle positive changes. There will be marked improvement in your health. You and your homeopath will be able to access your progress after every follow-up. Each follow-up will lead you to a step closer to yourself. If any response during your treatment concerns you be sure to discuss it with your homeopath.

Who can use homeopathy?
Anyone and everyone can use homeopathy! Babies, children, pregnant women, elderly it is absolutely safe when taken under the guidance of a qualified homeopath.

Dr. Jui Deshpande has been practising pure homeopathy for the past 11 years in Thane, She did her B.H.M.S. from Pune.

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