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Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Bacne

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is your back plagued by acne? Anindra Siqueira tells you how to banish bacne for good

1 Shower after working out
Working out can lead to clogged pores due to sweat and grime build up. Shower immediately after you hit the gym to keep dirt away and your skin clean.

2 Use sea salt
Mix a few cups of sea salt in a bucket of warm water and pour it over the affected area. If you have a bathtub, soak in this salt water solution. Simply pat yourself dry and avoid applying anything on your bacne.

3 Wear loose, clean clothing
Your skin needs to breathe. So, wear loose, clean clothing that won’t clog the pores on your back. Cotton clothing works best.

4 Check long hair
Hair that flows down to your back can also cause bacne, especially if you use too many hair products. Tie your hair up, keep it clean and make sure that it doesn’t touch your back.

5 Try zinc
Zinc has shown positive results in fighting acne. You can apply it to your skin in the form of a cream or ointment, or consume it orally in the form of tablets. However, consult your doctor before taking it as a supplement.

6 Apple cider vinegar
Use a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar to tighten up your pores and reduces redness and swelling. Leave the solution on for about five minutes before washing it off.

7 Scrub, but carefully
Using a scrub on your back may be difficult, but it will help to control bacne. However, remember to use a gentle scrub, and don’t be too rough or you could worsen the condition.

8 See a dermatologist
If nothing seems to be working, consult a dermatologist for your bacne, who will be able to prescribe other remedies.

9 Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, both of which help to fight bacne. Apply the oil to affected spots with a cotton swab.

10 Wash your sheets frequently
Sleeping on sheets that are soiled with sweat and other dirt (even if you can’t see it) can send your skin into a tailspin. Cleaning your sheets regularly means you’ll sleep well and keep your skin feeling fresh and bacne-free in the process.

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