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Step It Up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dancers need the strength of an athlete and the grace of a model. Purva Indulkar & Yamini Walia give you a sneak peak into the diet that helps them maintain the agility and power required to perform energetic moves without burning out

Dance is an intriguing art form — one minute   you’re lifting your partner (seemingly without any effort) and the next, you’re doing four back flips in a row. It’s difficult, sometimes dangerous and physically taxing, and through all of this, you have to look effortlessly elegant! While this seemingly flawless routine takes hours of practice every day, it’s also crucial to follow the right diet! While dancers either spend days holed up in a hot studio, sweating and struggling to get a step right, or just a minute on stage entertaining thousands with their moves, their lifestyle demands physical prowess. What fuels them, apart from their blind devotion to the art from, is their high-energy diet, which not only keeps their body in shape, but also gives them the power to dance for hours on end. Here, we tell you more about the diet.

What you can eat?
The step-up diet allows you to eat almost anything; all you need to do is reduce your portion sizes. You won't need to count calories or eat specific foods. The goal is to eat a healthy diet that satisfies your hunger and leads to slow, but steady weight loss. The book, Step-up Diet, recommends reduced-fat variants of your favourite foods. So, you should pick frozen yogurt over ice cream and lean ground turkey over fatty, minced red meat. Quite obviously, your fat intake on some days may be higher than usual, so you need to keep a mental inventory of your splurges and balance them out by intensifying your exercise routine.

How it works?
The diet requires you to spend a week noting down everything, from what you eat to what sort of activity you perform. The idea is to tune into problem eating in order to understand what causes it. Walking is promoted, but cycling, yoga and other exercises are also good substitutes; charts in the book help convert these activities into step equivalents. For example, one minute of yoga is more or less the same as 50 steps and doing yoga for 60-minutes could match walking for 3,000 steps. However, since the diet only makes suggestions and doesn’t state exactly what you can eat, it’s possible to end up making poor eating choices.

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