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Revolutionary Resolutions

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Make this year different from the others as the Health & Fitness Team helps you achieve some of the common fitness New Year’s resolutions

As we wait for the clock to strike twelve, we anticipate the prosperity and happiness that the New Year will bring, but looking back, we have a hint of regret at the fact that the resolutions we made in the last year did not power through. Most people end up making extravagant, unachievable fitness resolutions that they won’t live up to and comfort themselves by saying that resolutions are meant to be broken. Bring in the change this year as we bring to you a few common New Year resolutions and tell you how to keep them as well.

Improve mental health

We usually ignore mental health without realising that it is as important, if not more, as physical fitness. Being fit and healthy involves both physical and mental health in harmony. So, this New Year, promise to be mentally fit and not allow stress to get the better of you.

For overall well-being, it is important to be aware of even the small changes such as increasing stress levels or imminent mood swings. If you feel too stressed, take a break to stabilise your mind. If cortisol, the stress hormone, increases above safe levels, it can harm your brain. To fight this, try meditating at least once a day for 10 minutes. You can also try different brain games such as solving puzzles or doing crosswords.

De-stress through simple means such as regularly exercising or engaging in yoga and eating right and healthy. Indulge in activities that bring you happiness, satisfaction and help build your confidence. You can also take up hobbies like sketching or crafting, which will challenge your creativity and stimulate your brain. Try to include Vitamin B complex in your diet, which includes Vitamin B6, B12 and B9, as these are important to prevent mental decline and dementia and keep your brain healthy.      

Kick the butt

You may have picked up the habit in the last year or have been an addicted smoker for a while now, but it’s always possible to quit something, which is extremely dangerous for your health.

When you stop smoking ,you feel withdrawal symptoms mainly because of your addiction to nicotine, which gives a feel good effect to your brain. To get rid of it you need to come up with a plan and stick to it.

First notice your pattern of smoking — do you smoke at a certain time each day or do you only smoke at work or when you have company? It will be easier to target your habits if you know the pattern. Then set an exact date from when you want to quit the habit and make sure it’s not more than two weeks ahead so as to keep the motivation. When the day comes, smoke the last cigarette as if playing the last level of a game and make yourself believe that there are no more cigarettes after that. Clear your stock from everywhere including your office desk and the emergency stash in the corner of your bag. There are chances that when stress hits you’ll go back to your old ways, but prepare for it beforehand and come up with ways you can de-stress other than smoking. Talking to friends and family members will also help as they encourage you to stay motivated.

Keeping up with healthy eating

With every New Year, new resolutions are planned in the hope to achieve them successfully. And eating healthy food is one of the most common health resolutions which many hope to adhere to. But, in reality, switching eating habits can be challenging, especially when the body isn’t ready for such a major change.

People often get too excited while chalking down New Year resolutions. However, the excitement slowly begins to fade or some simply quit if they don’t see immediate results. If your goal is to eat healthy food this year, make sure that you stick to a diet plan which is nutritious yet delicious. Get proper knowledge of super foods and what you can eat according to your dietary requirements.

If you want to maintain a healthy supply of food, then you must gradually give up on junk. If you get tempted, which you will in the initial stages, try preparing your own meals and add your favourite ingredient to it. Healthy eating can sometimes become bland too, and to make it interesting you can prepare different cuisines with healthy food alternatives. Try different recipes which will help you to stick to your diet plan without too many cheat meals.

Overall healthy approach to life

If your to-do list doesn’t help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then these easy solutions may make things simpler. And if you’re planning a healthy approach to life this year, then you must be clear about your goal and banish thoughts of failure.

Certain lifestyle changes aren’t too hard to make and can easily be maintained if you manage to keep negativity and constant temptations away. Start by jotting down your resolutions and strategically plan specific deadlines along with specific actions. If you aim to sleep better, then reserve your bed only for sleeping and avoid using gadgets or lights that may hamper your sleep.

If you’re planning to stay active by including workout regimes in your schedule, then try easy and fun exercises for the first few weeks and then gradually move towards different activities and workouts. You can perform the workout with your friends or a family member as this may help you stay motivated and also make it a fun routine.

Preparing a regular workout schedule

While every year you might plan new resolutions only to fail in successfully completing it, this year keep it simple by prepping up a regular workout schedule to be fit and healthy.

Plan your day by waking up early in the morning and starting your day with a jog or a walk in the park. Soak in the goodness of early sunshine in order to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. You can get started by cycling for about 30 minutes to an hour daily. After which you can do the most important exercise first. Be it heavy squats, dead lifts, snatches or jerks, all require energy and muscle mass. Focus on building all your body parts rather than giving too much importance to one part and ignoring the others. Change your reps and workouts every two to three weeks so that you don’t get bored of the same workout every day. Hit the gym before going to work and practise yoga or meditation after work to keep your body and mind calm. Take a break from the gym and workouts on Sundays and binge on some scrumptious food before you start all over in the next week.

Lose weight the healthy way

So all the party and fun has taken a toll on your body and you wish to get rid of that extra flab that you have gained over the past few months or so, here are a few diet plans which you can follow.

You can either go for the 5-week diet plan or the 14-day keto diet plan. While the 5-week diet plan will help you lose 1,350 calories a day, the keto diet is a 14 day challenge that will not only help you shed some flab, but will also curb your appetite as it will burn fat to produce energy for the body.

To lose 1,350 calories a day you will need to include an egg sandwich, lean green smoothie and smoked salmon along with an apple in your breakfast meal. For lunch and dinner you can have soup and a whole-grain roll, chicken cob salad or a Thai tofu sandwich, which will make you feel full without bingeing on unnecessary food.

To lose weight with the keto diet, include scrambled eggs, dairy free keto latte, pancakes and berries in your breakfast and Asian beef salad, chicken noodle soup and a smoked salmon plate in your lunch. To end your day on a scrumptious and healthy note, include Asian cabbage stir fry, pork chops with green beans, salmon with broccoli and cheese, and creamy keto fish casserole in your dinner. Depending on your lifestyle and food habits, you can select the diet that suits you.

Sticking to your fitness resolution

If you’re still trying to achieve your 2010 fitness goals in 2018, it’s about time you learnt a thing or two about sticking to your resolutions. Though we’re tempted by those salty fries and chocolaty cake, it’s important to stay focused so that you get your summer body in time.

Firstly, make sure your resolutions are realistic — aiming for six pack abs in a month is not one of them. Plan a timeline of how you expect your fitness goal to pan out throughout the year. If your plan is to lose weight, plan your weight goal for every month or if your resolution is to eat healthy, don’t just jump to salads but notice the nutrients and calories in every food and plan a meal that is balanced. To keep yourself motivated, treat yourself to a little something after achieving every milestone.

Get pampered at the spa or watch a game with your friends. Mixing it up is another interesting way to stay motivated; so if you’ve decided to go to the gym religiously, keep shuffling your workout so that you have some variety. You can also engage in some sports or join weekly swimming classes to break the monotony.


Healthy year, healthy life
With the onset of a New Year, I plan to maintain my steady weight loss and not get carried away by temptations. I plan to stay committed to being fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Eating clean and healthy and exercising enough daily cleanses your blood and makes you feel light and energetic. I also plan to start toning my body while maintaining a healthy weight. Most importantly, I plan to never get back to the unhealthy lifestyle I was used to in my teens.

— Isvi Mishra, student   

Handwork better than diet trends
When we can spend hours staring at our smart phones, partying and sleeping in on weekends, devoting an hour from our busy day to keep our self fit is my resolution this year. Instead of trying random diet fads which are of no good, it’s better to spend some time in a gym or engage in some sports when you see your body going out of shape. I’ve been following this for a few months now and want to continue it in the coming year as well. 

— Ankit Bedi, corporate executive

Bust your stress
This year I’m planning to be less stressful and keep calm by opting for some mind exercises. Healthy eating isn’t a problem for me and once the brain knows what’s good for health, it isn’t tough convincing and adhering to the goals. But I hope to stick to my healthy diet plans too, and also start working on some mind exercises.

—Gurjyot Singh Keer, teacher

One step at a time
With the arrival of the New Year, almost all of us get on a fitness bandwagon as part of our resolutions, but eventually end up breaking them. So, instead of making a generic, unspecific goal, I break it down to certain simple steps that might seem insignificant at first, but will have a great impact in the long run. I try to eat smaller but frequent meals throughout the day, drink as many ounces of water as equivalent to my body weight, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, four times a week, and monitor my progress once a week.

— Riz Sunny, founder of the fitness channel My Bollywood Body

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