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Long Time Freshness

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

With October heat creeping up, your vegetables are going to ripen faster than usual. Yamini Walia gives you a few tips to help you keep your vegetables fresh for longer

During the ripening process, vegetables produce a gas known as ethylene. While the emission may be necessary, too much of it will end up spoiling your vegetables. So, while your first step should be to reduce the production of this gas, there are several other ways to protect your vegetables and keep them fresh for longer. Read on to find out about these simple methods.

Keep It Clean
The first, most important step is to keep your fridge clean. While this may not sound like fun, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your vegetables have a long life. Leftover residue or mould spores can spoil the food stored in your fridge much faster.

Steer Clear From Heat
Keep all your vegetables at a safe distance from your gas stove, or any other combustible appliances (such as toasters) that give off or emit heat. Natural gas is believed to quicken the ripening process of vegetables, the same way that ethylene gas can, and the heat from certain combustion appliances can increase the amount of ethylene gas which in turn speeds up the ripening process.

Utilise Quickly
Avoid cutting vegetables too much in advance. Cut them only when you will be using them immediately because even with proper storage, pre-cut vegetables will spoil faster than whole vegetables.

A Bouquet Of Greens
Store leafy greens or herbs in a vase or a jar full of water, the same way you would preserve a bouquet of flowers. This will help them last longer and you will also have a beautiful, green arrangement on display in your house.

Plastic Shield
With chopped vegetables and salad greens, the biggest issue is the moisture. You can reduce the moisture to a minimum by keeping them in a bowl covered with a paper towel and then covering the bowl with a cling film. The paper towel will absorb excess moisture. Remember to not store cut tomatoes with your salad greens as tomatoes contain moisture that will rot your greens quickly.

Less Storage
Just like we need air circulation to breathe properly, vegetables also need a little breathing room. The more room you have available in your fridge, the better it is for your vegetables. Packed refrigerators mean poor air circulation, and this actually prevent you from storing your vegetables at an optimal temperature.

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