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Know More: Yacon Syrup

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Yacon syrup is quickly growing in popularity because of its ability to melt away fat quickly. Yamini Walia tells you what the syrup is and what health benefits it contains

Yacon syrup is primarily used as a natural sweetener and is a syrup that is extracted from the Yacon plant. The syrup is found in the tuberous roots of the plant, tastes similar to caramel or molasses and has recently become popular because of an extensive discussion about it on popular health television show, Dr. Oz. It has since become a rage in the heath industry, with social media going ga-ga over the syrup.

Health Benefits
If you have heard of this syrup, you must be familiar with the fact that is primarily known for it’s weight loss properties. But, that’s not all — it also has several other health benefits.

Increases Bone Density
Yacon can increase bone density, as its natural properties facilitate the fortification of bones, particularly the spine. As a result, degenerative conditions such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis can be effectively prevented, if not significantly delayed.

Increased Energy
If laziness is your middle name, then Yacon syrup is ideal for you. It boosts energy levels, helping people push through work that they would normally give up on, if they were too tired after a hard day.

Lowers Cholesterol
If you suffer from diabetes, you can use Yacon syrup to sweeten your tea or coffee, as the syrup helps to reduce your blood glucose levels.

High In Fibre
Yacon syrup is filled with dietary fibre, which can help benefit people who suffer from indigestion, painful bowel movements and other digestive problems.

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