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Know More Fat-Infused Water

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wondering what the latest health fad is? It’s fat-infused water! Yamini Walia tells you everything that you need to know about this strange trend
What is it?

The proprietor of fat-infused water or FATwater, Dave Asprey, claims that it’s better than regular water. Wonder why? He claims that this is primarily because it’s infused with tiny droplets of fat, which are extracted from coconut oil and improve hydration and the process of fat burning. Apparently, the fat content in FATwater allows your cells to process water more effectively and so, absorb more energy with every sip that you take. A standard 473ml bottle of FATwater is basically just regular water mixed with two grams of saturated fat-rich coconut oil.

What it contains?
The fat-infused water includes Bulletproof XCT Oil. The primary fat source of this is coconut. Next up is purified water and flavouring. The flavouring in this variant is still sugar free, and is derived from real fruit extracts. FATwater uses non-GMO xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol, but it shouldn’t be consumed in very large quantities. Stevia is another sweetener that is used in fat-infused water.

What are its benefits?
Move over green smoothie and hello fat-infused water! We’re saying this only because of the benefits fat-infused water has for your health. The infused water can quickly metabolise energy from quality fats. Sugar-free fat-infused water contains less than 30 calories. At least, that is what the website claims! We’re going to wait for more research to see how valid these claims are.

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