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Know More: Almonds & Your Appetite

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Do midday hunger pangs often see you reaching out for a packet of wafers? Switch to almonds instead. Shirley Mistry tells you why

We’ve always been told that a couple of almonds a day boost memory and brain power. A new study further indicates that almonds make for a great snack and control your appetite without increasing your weight.

Published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the findings of a recent research show that people who incorporated 43g of almonds in their diet, felt less hungry. Also, the calories consumed through these almonds got balanced, as they ended up eating less food during subsequent meals.

So, if you’re watching your weight, it may be a good idea to nibble on some almonds every few hours. The study also showed that despite eating additional calories every day, the participants did not put on additional weight at the end of the month. Even though an approximate 250 calories were consumed solely through almonds, it did not contribute to an increase in weight. Also, during the course of this study, participants were not asked to control any other aspect of their diet, apart from the almond intake. The important thing to note is that the study shows that almonds work better at controlling your appetite, when eaten as snacks as compared to eating them along with a meal.

The high fibre, protein and unsaturated fat content found in almonds, help in getting to the end result. Also, another study indicates that although almonds are touted to be fatty, your body doesn’t absorb all the fat an almond contains, therefore making the net fat you consume significantly lesser.
The best way to eat them is raw and as a snack. However, if you don’t find them palatable, toss them into salads and chutneys.

Remember that almonds contain a lot of oxalates that can cause kidney stones. Also, eat dry, roasted and unsalted almonds as opposed to the ones that are salted or roasted with oil as they do more harm than good.

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